2nd HHL Mid-Week Tournament

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2nd HHL Mid-Week Tournament

November 28 @ 5:00 pm - December 3 @ 11:00 pm

2nd Mid-Week tournament  28.11. 17:00 UTC – 03.12. 23:00 UTC



Players pick 2-3 warlords (from different factions, 3 warlords are recommended) and matches are best of 3, single elimination, and you must win with 2 different warlords in a round (conquest).

Standard format:
Banned cards: 
Crucial choice, Astral Incursion, All cards from the “Galaxy in Flames” expansion

Please play your matches as soon as possible 

Time Limitations: 

24 hours from start to schedule

48 hours from start to play your matches

You can see specific rulings and explanations at the end of the description on challonge.


1st  Legendary card of your choice and 3000 gold

2nd  2500 gold

3rd  1500 gold

4th  1000 gold
(Prizes may be subject to change)

Matches have to be scheduled 24 hours from the start of the tournament or the end of the match leading up to your round. If there isn’t a date and time the players agreed upon the player who made more offers for the time of the matches wins.

Matches have to played 48 hours from the start of the tournament or the end of the last match leading up to your round. The player who doesn’t show up at the set date and time loses.

If there is no indication from either players, both players are stripped from the chance of getting any rewards and may get penalties for the next mid-week tournament.

If contact can’t be made for any reason, message a TO.

If a player doesn’t show up at the agreed time after the scheduling deadline, the win goes to their opponent. Being less than 30 minutes late is acceptable if this is not done regularly.


November 28 @ 5:00 pm
December 3 @ 11:00 pm


Legions Discord channel


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