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3rd HHL Mid-Week Tournament

December 5, 2021 @ 5:00 pm - 11:00 pm

3rd HHL Mid-Week tournament 05/12 17:00 UTC –10/12 23:00 UTC

Players pick 2-3 warlords (from different factions, 3 warlords are recommended) and matches are best of 3, single elimination, and you must win with 2 different warlords in a round (conquest).

War of Attrition format:
1) Tactics that deal damage to the enemy warlord or troops may not be included in your deck, except if they also damage your warlord or troops at the same time. (Spectre of judgement, chariot of the gods, the hammer etc cannot be included in your deck, while tactics like wrought of war, scorched earth, outflank etc can).
Planetary purge may be included in your deck, but the initial target must be a friendly unit to be able to play it.

3) Troops aren’t allowed to attack the warlord or enemy troops, except for ones that attack automatically at the start of the turn like MLIII Castellax or Iron Circle (but you cannot attack with them manually!).

4) Banned factions: Defenders of Caliban, Knight Houses
Banned warlords: Malcador, Canis Vertex
Banned cards: Viral Bombs (IW), Infiltration (AL), Traps (AL), Mor Deythan (RG), Numas Recon (RG), Stalwart Defenders (IF), Crucial Choice, Void Engagement, Watchers in the Dark, All berserk troops, Imperial Fist “Structure” type cards.
If these cards are generated they are allowed to be played, except for berserk troops and Imperial Fist “Structure” type cards.

Please send me your Warlords on Discord.
My Discord handle: doles7#3606

Please play your matches as soon as possible
Time Limitations:
24 hours from start to schedule
48 hours from start to play your matches
You can see specific rulings and explanations at the end of the description on challonge.

You can see the rewards for the corresponding number of players at the end of the description on challonge.


December 5, 2021
5:00 pm - 11:00 pm


Legions Discord channel
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