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Ghosts of Prospero reinforcements

June 26, 2020

Ghosts of Prospero

“I was expecting you.”
– Magnus the Red

Tsolmon Khan joins the White Scars as they explore the charred remains of Prospero. As they move further into Tizca, they come across the image of Magnus the Red, the fallen Primarch of the Thousand Sons! Will he provide the answers that the Great Khan is searching for?

Magnus and Tsolmon Khan join the event as reinforcement warlords!

To improve the balance of the event, Maat’s deck ‘Pavoni Adept’ has been removed from the available deck pool for new event runs, and replaced with a new deck: Forbidden Lore. At the same time, Hibou Khan’s special card, Sagyar Mazan, has been slightly nerfed: it now grants a +2/0 bonus instead of +2/+1


June 26, 2020
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