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Liberation of Numinal: Reinforcements

November 27, 2020

Kynerak Gravewalker of House Ærthegn

“There’s a new prey in sight.”
– Kynerak Gravewalker

The battle does not relent! The Knights of the Manticore keep their effort to cleanse the traitors from the face of the planet, but the defenses of House Makabius still hold. With further reinforcements from the loyal House Vyronii in sight, the traitor’s side gets aid from a warband of freeblades from House Ærthegn, led by Kynerak Gravewalker. Questoris Vyronii and Cerastus Ærthegn join the event as reinforcements!

Don’t miss the chance to try the new pilot from House Ærthegn!


November 27, 2020
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