April meta report


April is over, which means a new competitive season is on the go! It’s time to take a look at the numbers from last month’s competitive season and check how the rankings in High Terra (3800+) and Low Terra (2500-3800) have evolved. Will the Imperial Fists manage to make a stand in the rankings? Keep reading to find out!

“I’ll show you how it’s done.”

– Thaddeus Fayle

This month we can observe some interesting developments in the rankings. While there are not many changes among the Top 10, a few of the older warlords have returned to the front lines. Speaking of front lines, the last week of last month saw the introduction of three new Warlords from the newly released Imperial Fists Legion. They haven’t had much time to participate in the competitive season, but new warriors joining the conflict is always bound to shake things up. Let’s take a closer look into the data.

Low Terra

The Primarchs still stand strong in the higher echelons of Low Terra, but there is competition coming their way. It is always a bad idea to underestimate Perturabo, who rises this month as Low Terra’s champion from last month’s seventh place. Corswain manages to climb to the second spot this month, beating two Primarchs, Vulkan and Angron, who get the third and fourth spot respectively. Closing up the first half of the Top 10, Khârn watches his Primarch’s back in the fifth spot.

In the lower half of the top 10, Leman Russ leads the charge, followed by Alpharius, Raldoron and Konrad Curze who all share a very similar Use Rate. And finally, in the tenth spot of Low Terra we have Shabran Darr, who manages to be the third World Eaters Warlord in Low Terra’s top 10. Alpharius and Curze have managed to get into the top 10 this month, but will they be able to hold their positions?

Win Rate
Use Rate
1 Perturabo 56% 5,1%
2 Corswain 56% 4,3%
3 Vulkan 56% 3,8%
4 Angron 56% 3,4%
5 Khârn 56% 3,1%
6 Leman Russ 55% 3,0%
7 Alpharius 52% 2,8%
8 Raldoron 56% 2,8%
9 Konrad Curze 50% 2,8%
10 Shabran 55% 2,4%
11 Merir Astelan 56% 2,2%
12 Tarvitz 54% 2,2%
13 Zahariel 58% 2,2%
14 Exodus 55% 2,0%
15 Raum 59% 2,0%
16 Cor’bax Utterblight 57% 1,9%
17 Lion El’Jonson 52% 1,8%
18 Lorgar 52% 1,8%
19 Sanguinius 55% 1,8%
20 Corvus Corax 58% 1,7%
21 Constantin Valdor 51% 1,6%
22 Roboute Guilliman 56% 1,6%
23 Thaddeus Fayle 53% 1,5%
24 Horus 53% 1,5%
25 Ornatov 56% 1,4%
26 Lucretia Elunnirai 55% 1,4%
27 Fulgrim 53% 1,3%
28 Nerat Kirine 56% 1,2%
29 Flaymaster Mawdrym 54% 1,2%
30 Canis Vertex 62% 1,2%
31 Magnus the Red 55% 1,1%
32 Nykona Sharrowkyn 56% 1,1%
33 Mortarion 55% 1,1%
34 Zardu Layak 55% 1,1%
35 Rogal Dorn 50% 1,0%
36 Santar 53% 1,0%

High Terra

In an astonishing show of courage, Lord Commander Thaddeus Fayle not only resists in High Terra’s Top 10 from last month, but also manages to rise as this month’s champion! Corswain takes the second spot, just as he did in Low Terra, this time beating Perturabo by the skin of his teeth. Ahriman returns to the top spots of High Terra, but the Cerastus of House Ærthegn closes by at a dangerous pace.

Khârn opens the lower half of the top 10, getting a better position than two Primarchs, Vulkan and Horus, who take the seventh and eigth spot respectively. This is the first time Horus has returned to High Terra’s top 10 in a while, but will he be able to hold his spot? Exodus and Lucretia Elunnirai close the Top 10 with very similar ratings.  And just about to enter the Top 10 two Primarch brothers, Corvus Corax and Rogal Dorn, eagerly await in the eleventh and twelfth spot for a new chance in next month’s competitive season.

Win Rate
Use Rate
1 Thaddeus Fayle 55% 6,3%
2 Corswain 54% 5,1%
3 Perturabo 54% 5,1%
4 Ahriman 59% 5,0%
5 Cerastus Ærthegn 60% 4,6%
6 Khârn 55% 4,6%
7 Vulkan 52% 3,9%
8 Horus 54% 3,3%
9 Exodus 54% 3,3%
10 Lucretia Elunnirai 57% 3,3%
11 Corvus Corax 52% 2,8%
12 Rogal Dorn 49% 2,8%
13 Canis Vertex 64% 2,6%
14 Leman Russ 53% 2,5%
15 Raldoron 52% 2,1%
16 Angron 52% 1,9%
17 Lion El’Jonson 56% 1,7%
18 Lorgar 49% 1,6%
19 Tarvitz 50% 1,6%
20 Acastus Ærthegn 61% 1,6%
21 Shabran 54% 1,5%
22 Fabius Bile 51% 1,5%
23 Durak 57% 1,4%
24 Raum 52% 1,4%
25 Zahariel 52% 1,4%
26 Sixx 54% 1,3%
27 Alpharius 46% 1,3%
28 Merir Astelan 53% 1,3%
29 Magnus the Red 54% 1,2%
30 Sigismund 46% 1,1%
31 Arascid Nassau 55% 1,1%

A new competitive season has already started and another faction, the Sisters of Silence, has joined the game this very day! With new Warlords joining the game throughout the month, which faction will you choose to climb the ladder this time? Create a new deck for the season and take to the battlefield!

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