July’s Balance Patch Curtails the Dominance of the Top Ranked Warlords


This month brings relatively few changes, as the meta is still adapting to the new cards released in June. However, a few warlords were proving too dominant in the meta and required new adjustments. This time we are focusing on targeting specific strategies that proved too dominant or promoted bad gameplay experiences. Here are the details:

Legio Custodes

  • Caecaltus Dusk: Passive ability changed to ‘Exemplar: Gains Survivor 1’ (previously Survivor 2).

Thousand Sons

  • Sanakht: Passive ability changed to ‘Psyker 1. When you play a Psychic Power, gain +1/0 this turn’.
  • Whispers of Chaos (Magnus): Cost increased from 30 to 35.
  • Telepathic Hallucinations: New description: ‘Give -2/0 to all enemy troops until your next turn. Focus 3: Give them Can’t Attack until your next turn’.

Sisters of Silence

  • Reckoning (Jenetia Krole): Cost increased from 20 to 22.
  • Pale Scourge: New description: ‘Deal 1 damage to all enemies, or 2 if they have Psyker’ (previously 3 damage).


  • Lord of the Flies: Initiative lowered from Medium to Low.
  • Cthonian Strategos: New description: ‘Traitor Auxilia. Rally: Create 2 random Traitor Auxilia Infantry troops in your hand’ (previously 3).
  • Quelling of Hope: New description: ‘Deal 2-3 damage to all non-Chaos units’.

These changes will be implemented soon, so prepare your strategies accordingly. Stay vigilant and may you find success in this month’s ranked ladder!

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