Blade and Glaive shine in June’s meta report


“I assure you that I will defeat you.”

– Sanakht

June is over and a new Warmaster has taken the mantle of its predecessor! The numbers are in and now it’s time to take a look at the numbers from last month’s season and check how the rankings in High Terra (rating 3800+) and Low Terra (rating 2500-3800) have evolved.

All three of the new factions in the Inferno expansion have now been introduced, and the meta is still adjusting to all the new content. However, there is one clear outlier among the top rankings. Caecaltus Dusk has taken the ladder by storm, and he will be adjusted in an upcoming balance update. Let’s take a look at the rankings in Low and High Terra!

Low Terra

Sevatar gores through the ladder and reaches the top in a very contested season in Low Terra! Behind him, the newly introduced Hvarl Redblade ascends to the second spot, representing the Space Wolves in the highest ranks, and keeping three Primarchs from the top. Ferrus Manus, Alpharius and Angron complete the top 5, sharing quite similar results.

Beyond the top positions, Luther remains a major threat, with Jenetia Krole joining him in the top Win Rates of the season. Other Warlords such as Dupain and Tybalt Marr have also found great success, but have not been represented as much in the current meta.

#WarlordWin RateUse Rate
2Hvarl Redblade57%3.2%
3Ferrus Manus56%2.8%
7Konrad Curze55%2.3%
8Jaghatai Khan56%2.2%
9Geigor Fell-Hand55%2.2%
10Magnus the Red55%2.0%
12Rogal Dorn56%2.0%
13Lord of the Flies57%2.0%
16Jenetia Krole62%1.9%
18Corvus Corax57%1.8%
20Nerat Kirine51%1.7%
24Kaeria Casryn60%1.5%
25Amendera Kendel57%1.4%
26Balthazzar Dupain59%1.4%
28Ixion Hale51%1.3%
29Magistus Amon52%1.2%
30Roboute Guilliman55%1.1%
31Tacitus Proctor55%1.1%
32Tybalt Marr59%1.0%
34Vheren Ashurhaddon57%1.0%
35Calas Typhon54%1.0%
36Farith Redloss59%1.0%

High Terra

Sanakht rises above and beyond in High Terra, boasting a massive Win Rate that has made him the king of the duel ring. The master swordsman is followed by Jenetia Krole, clearly taking advantage of her anti-psyker tech cards. The Lord of the Flies rises to the challenge this season, followed by Amon Tauromachian and Magnus the Red to close up the top 5 positions.

Caecaltus Dusk has taken the ranked ladder by storm, entering the top 10 only 5 days after becoming a collectable Warlord. Ar’gakhol the Goreborn is also reaping high degrees of success, followed by others like the Questoris armigers and the Callidus Assassin.

#WarlordWin RateUse Rate
2Jenetia Krole60%6.1%
3Lord of the Flies57%4.6%
4Amon Tauromachian55%3.5%
5Magnus the Red59%3.2%
6Amendera Kendel58%3.1%
7Farith Redloss53%2.7%
10Caecaltus Dusk62%2.2%
11Ixion Hale47%2.1%
12Ar’gakhol Goreborn63%2.0%
15Chaos Spawn56%1.7%
16Jaghatai Khan50%1.7%
19Kaeria Casryn54%1.6%
22Ferrus Manus44%1.3%
23Agapito Nev52%1.2%
24Rogal Dorn48%1.2%
25Konrad Curze51%1.2%
27Callidus Assassin57%1.1%
29Corvus Corax50%1.1%
31Questoris Ærthegn61%1.0%
32Questoris Makabius62%1.0%

Will Sanakht’s edge dull during the next season? Will Caecaltus’ golden ascension be halted? There is a new balance update coming tomorrow, stay tuned and learn what to adjust when facing the new competitive season!

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