The Wolves of Fenris strike with a new balance patch!


I will not waste time with fancy words.

Ohthere Wyrdmake

Balance changes arrive! While the Space Wolves have taken a beating of late against the forces of the Warmaster, they are nevertheless relentless in their attacks and persue their enemies with dogged determination. All Warlords but Leman Russ have had changes, as well as some of the lesser used cards in the Space Wolves arsenal.

● Thorlief Wolfguard: Increase attack from 7 to 8
● Ice and Steel: Lower cost from 2 to 1
● Fenris: Lower cost from 4 to 3
● Wolf-Spirit: Increase cost from 4 to 5. Instead of adding a Curse of Wulfen to your deck, it now reduces the cost of the generated Astartes by 1
● Fateful Wyrd: It now gives Survivor 1 per Troop drawn instead of per Tactic
● The Underverse: Increase cost from 1 to 6. Change description to “Put in play 2 friendly Astartes that died this game.”
● Curse of the Wulfen: Change description to “Give +2/+2 and Berzerk to a friendly troop. If it is an Astartes, give it Survivor 1”
● Geigor Fell-Hand: Now has “Pack: Gains +1/0 on the next attack this turn”
● Ohthere Wyrdmake: Ability cost lowered from 2 to 1, but it doesn’t give Ward anymore. Resolution changed to “Pack: Heal 1 to a friendly troop”
● Bulveye Greybeard: Battle Honour changed to “Pack: Give Ward to a friendly unit until your next turn”
● Bjorn: It now has a Special card: Einherjar
● Einherjar: (2) Choose a Space Wolves Astartes and put it in your hand

Ohthere Wyrdmake has also had his voiceover redone.

These changes are now live! Log into the game and test them out against the foes of Fenris!

This is a great saga in the making!

Leman Russ

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