Chaos Rises in a new Balance Update!


“You can’t kill the rot!”

– Lord of the Flies

The upcoming balance update will bring major changes to the game! Together with setbacks to last season’s overperformers and improvements to Chaos cards, there will be a major change in the game’s collection for the first time in the game’s history. We are moving Traitor Auxilia cards to the Chaos faction in this update. These changes ARE NOT YET LIVE at the time of posting, but you can keep reading for more details on this change and on the game’s balance.

The Traitor Auxilia join the forces of Chaos

When the Traitor Auxilia were introduced, we thought it best to slot them into the Imperial Army faction since, in the end, it’s where they originate from. As time went on, this decision started affecting the design of new cards, and as the narrative of the Horus Heresy continued it also seemed that slotting the Traitor Auxilia into the Chaos faction would make more sense thematically.

In this update, we are moving all of the Traitor Auxilia cards into the Chaos collection. This includes troops with the Traitor Auxilia trait and cards with depictions of Traitor Auxilia troops and imagery. After this change goes live, Traitor Auxilia cards will stop appearing in Imperial Army faction crates and will not be available as options in “Choose an Imperial Army card”-type effects. Instead, they will now start dropping in Chaos faction crates, and appear in “Choose a Chaos card”-type effects.

Night Lords

  • Ur’Mar Veterans: Change description to: ‘Terror. Adjacent troops have +1/0’
  • Haunted Dreams: Change description to: ‘Rally: Deal 2 damage. If target survives, give it -2/0 this turn’ (instead of until your next turn)
  • Praetor Kevark: Lower attack from 6 to 5
  • Lords of Murder: Increase cost from 2 to 3
  • Price of Defiance: Change description to: ‘Destroy an enemy troop. Give -1/0 to adjacent units until your next turn’ (instead of -2/0)

White Scars

  • Golden Star Rhino: Change description to: ‘Front Line. Rally: Return a friendly troop to hand or heal 2 to your Warlord’ (instead of heal 3)
  • Tsolmon Khan: Change description to: ‘Rally: Choose a Sisters of Silence Infantry and add it to your hand. It costs 1 less’ (instead of 3 less)
  • White Tiger Dao: Increase cost from 5 to 6
  • Targutai’s Sacrifice: Increase cost from 5 to 6

Alpha Legion

  • Askelitar Squad: Lower Health from 4 to 3
  • Ancient Inigo: Change description to: ‘When you draw a card, gains +1/+1’ (instead of +1/+2)
  • Saboteur Consul: Lower stats from 5/5 to 4/4
  • Vigilator Xerophos: Lower attack from 6 to 5


  • Arkhan Land: Change ability to (1) Choose a Vehicle and add it to your hand. It costs 1 less


  • Lord of the Flies: Change ability to ‘(2) Deal 2 damage. If target dies, put in play a Plague Drone’
  • Transmutative Armament (Infernus Abomination special): Lower cost from 2 to 1
  • Signus Adept: Change ability to ‘(1) Choose a 2-cost Cultist and put it in play’ (instead of a random one)
  • Sork: Lower ability cost from 1 to 0
  • Signus Demagogue: Change description to ‘Cultist. When an enemy troop dies, put in play a Signus Acolyte’ (instead of adding it to your hand)
  • Athame: Lower cost from 2 to 1
  • Hellspawn: Lower cost from 3 to 2 and change description to: ‘Give +2/+2 to a friendly Daemon or a Mark of Chaos to a non-Daemon troop’ (instead of +2/+1)
  • Corrupting Influence: Lower cost from 4 to 3
  • The Eightfold Brand: Lower cost from 5 to 4

Imperial Army

  • Hellick Mauer (from the Callidus Assassin Warlord pool options): Change passive abilty to: ‘Your first Tactic each turn costs 1 less’ (instead of all)

Also, all of the following cards have moved from the Imperial Army’s faction collection to the Chaos faction collection:

  • Balthazzar Dupain
  • Lotara
  • Flamer Section
  • Grenadier Auxilia
  • Quad Launcher
  • Volkite Veletaris
  • Cthonian Aurox
  • Legate Commander
  • Cthonian Basilisk
  • 14th Cthonian Section
  • Veletaris Sergeant
  • Cthonian Charonite
  • Vox Operator
  • Administratum Complex
  • Cthonian Storm Section
  • Cthonian Orderlies
  • Cthonian Tarantula
  • Cthonian Vexilarius
  • Cthonian Dracosan
  • Wynne Grimvald
  • Cthonian Carnodon
  • Cthonian Stormhammer
  • Cthonian Cyclops
  • Cthonian Mole Mortar
  • Subterranean Armament
  • Cthonian Strategos
  • Lascannon Tarantula
  • Cthonian Sentinel
  • Forward Bunker
  • Fire at Will
  • Voss Fighter
  • Urban Warfare

All of these changes will be live soon! Assemble your deck and prepare for a new month full of challenges and rewards in the ranked ladder. For the Warmaster!

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