Do not be fooled


Greetings. I am Alpharius.

– Alpharius (probably)

Sleeper agents from the Alpha Legion awaken all around the Imperium in a day that shall be remembered in infamy! The grasp of betrayal has extended further than ever before, with agents walking among some of the Imperium’s highest ranking members, loyal and traitor Legions, and even members of the cults of Chaos. Do you dare take a peek at what will happen on this most ill-famed day?

Alpharius strikes again!

The Primarch of the Alpha Legion returns just for a day! Go fast and add Alpharius’ alternate artwork, voice lines and a matching collector’s card back to your collection. Don’t miss the chance to get his premium deck in a time-limited deal today!

To mark the occasion, his normal version will also show up in the Daily Shop, surrounded by a fitting array of sneaky agents. Also, check out the cosmetic section of the daily shop for a thematic new war cry only available today!

Unveil the betrayers!

There have been many reports that have observed strange behaviours among the troops of the neutral factions and even some of the Legions. Among their lines, our latest information shows that a certain Imperial Psyker and the oldest recruits of a cult dedicated to fire have been heard muttering strange messages, with voices that didn’t seem to belong to them. 

Like these, there are a total of 21 reports, but we are unable to confirm nor deny none of them. We seek help in order to shed light on any of these reports. Join the hunt for the agents of the Alpha Legion!

Fight against the corruption!

What would a secret plot from the Alpha Legion have to do with a sudden toxic invasion of the servants of Nurgle? How could they even be related? There’s no time to think about it! Decay and pestilence are coming, and there is only one way to fight it.

Play in Practice Mode today and you might find yourself fighting against Corrupted Grulgor and his cadre of putrid invaders. Join the fight for realspace and discover how deep into the rabbit hole the Alpha Legion’s plot goes!

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