April season meta report


The April ranked season is over and the statistics are in! Check back here monthly for the post-season roundup of High Terra (4000+) and Low Terra (2500-4000), and find out how your favorite warlord and Legion fared in the galactic struggle for the future of the Imperium and humanity! 

“We are the shadow that kills”

-Corvus Corax, the Ravenlord

Low Terra

A revolution of rot transpired on Low Terra this season, with new Daemons of the Ruinstorm Warlord Cor’Bax Utterblight composing 6.9% of the meta with a 55% win rate, the most popular warlord on Low Terra in April. 

The Daemon Prince of Nurgle was followed in popularity by a Daemon Prince of Khorne, Angron (5.8% of games), with a 57% win rate. Konrad Curze remains among the most played warlords on this tier as well, with a 56% win rate in 5.7% of games, along with Raum (4.6% of games) with a 56% win rate and Corvus Corax (3.7% of games) with a 59% win rate. These top 5 most played warlords on Low Terra comprised 26.7% of the season’s meta.

Other popular and successful warlords on Low Terra included Horus (3.7% of games) with a 55% win rate, Nerat Kirine (3.7% of games) with a 55% win rate, Ulrach Branthan (3.2% of games) with a 57% win rate, Arascid Nassau (3.1% of games) with a 53% win rate, Kyriss the Perverse (3% of games) with a 52% win rate, Leman Russ (2.9% of games) with a 55% win rate, Fulgrim (2.8% of games) with a 55% win rate, Ka’Bandha (2.7% of games) with a 59% win rate, Alpharius (2.7% of games) with a 52% win rate, Vulkan (2.4% of games) with a 59% win rate, Kharn (2.2% of games) with a 55% win rate, and Magnus the Red (2% of games) with a 56% win rate.

All the warlords played in 2% or more of games on Low Terra made up 60% of the meta, and all of them with win rates over 50%. 

Warlords flying under 50% win rates made up 5.3% of the meta, and included from strongest to weakest Forrix, Captured Mandragorax, Lorgar, Zardu Layak, Chaos Spawn, Ingo Pech, Cassian Vaughn, Endryd Haar, Garro, Malcharion, Erebus, Magistus Amon, Meros, Raldoron, Lotara Sarrin, Argel Tal, and Nemetor. 

High Terra

Flying high with a 59% win rate and appearing in 10.6% of games, it is Corvus Corax who reigns as most popular warlord on High Terra this season. The Ravenlord has been absent from these heights for some time, but it is clear that he has now returned.

He shares a podium with his traitorous brother Horus (8.6% of games and 54% win rate) and the Greater Daemon Ka’Bandha (8.4% of games and 55% win rate). 

Not far below the shadow of Ka’Bandha’s wings flies Raum, last season’s most popular warlord. Raum’s popularity slips from 15% in March down to 6.4% in April, with a win rate of 51%. Finally, it is Angron who rounds out High Terra’s top five most popular warlords, with a 52% win rate in 6.3% of games. Together these five warlords made up 40.3% of the meta, compared to last season’s top five making up 48.9% of the meta. 

Other popular and dominant warlords included Arascid Nassau of the Legio Custodes with a 52% win rate in 6.2% of games, Magnus the Red (6% of games) with a 55% win rate, and Ulrach Branthan, who is down in popularity from last season, from 10.2% in March to 4.1% in April: his win rate, however, is still quite potent at 57% (an increase from March). 

Konrad Curze continues to be a staple of High Terra with an appearance in 4% of games and a 52% win rate, alongside Nerat Kirine (3.9% of games) with a 53% win rate, Cor’Bax Utterblight (3.7% of games) with a 51% win rate, and Canis Vertex (2.7% of games) with a 67% win rate. 

It is the indomitable Canis Vertex who leads High Terra’s win rates, and it is Canis Vertex who is piloted by April’s Warmaster. All hail Deathstroyer, the blue and gold wrecking machine!

Warlords with less than 50% average win rates represented 12.5% of the meta overall, and only two among them were played in more than 1% of games (Leman Russ with a 47% win rate and Kyriss with a 48% win rate). The remaining losing warlords included, from weakest to strongest: Raldoron, Meros, Lucius, Forrix, Endryd Haar, Tarik Torgaddon, Shadrak Meduson, Thaddeus Fayle, Durak Rask, Lorgar, Zardu Layak, Ferrus Manus, Shabran Darr, Flaymaster Mawdrym, Artellus Numeon, Tacitus Proctor, Phosis T’Kar, Cassian Vaughn, Calas Typhon, Aeonid Thiel, Erebus, Gabriel Santar, Geigor Fell-hand, Captured Mandragorax, Ohthere Wyrdmake, Remus Ventanus, Narik Dreygur, and perhaps in a historical first, Alpharius with 49% (likely a clever ruse or trap…just wait). 

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