New balance patch! The Dark Angels stand ready for war once more


Have you lost your taste for battle?


Balance changes arrive! Following the brutal wars in the Thramas Crusade, the Dark Angels have regrouped and resupplied, and are ready for further battle against the traitors. The noble First Legion has received several balance changes to bring them closer in line with other factions and enhance their competitiveness in Ranked and Practice.

Six other factions receive balance changes this month, with the Emperor’s Children receiving some adjustments to combat their dominance in the current meta, as well as several cards from the Titandeath Expansion being tweaked to ensure they remain balanced.

● Scions of the First: Lower requirement from 6 to 5
● Secret of War, and all Secrets of War it creates: Lower the cost from 3 to 1
● Sergeant Belian: Change Rally to “Deal damage to a non-Warlord enemy equal to this troop’s Attack”
● Proctor Inias: Gain Front Line
● Knight Praetor Rhamiel: Change Rally to “Deal damage to a non-Warlord enemy equal to this troop’s Attack”
● Invincible Reason: Lower the cost from 10 to 8
● Deathwing Companions: Change description to “Deathwing. Front Line. Shield. Quest: Give +2/+2 to your other troops”

● Eitochin Squad: Change description to “Rally: Deal 2 damage to a non-Warlord enemy. Perfection: Also Stun target”
● Mycaelis Jet Bikes: Increase health from 3 to 4, and now has Flank instead of Fast

● Great Unclean One: Change description to “When an enemy dies, heal completely and gain +1/+1”

● Planned Strike: Increase cost from 3 to 4

● Silent Sisterhood: Lower requirement from 5 to 4

● Arioch Power Claw: Increase ability cost from 2 to 3

These changes are now live in regular and event play! Log in and let us know your thoughts!

Judgement comes to us all.

– Lion El’Jonson

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