Advance on iron treads in a new balance patch


“As iron sharpens iron, so truth cuts.”

– Castrmen Orth

During the month of July, a forgotten Primarch received a big boost, and proved to the Galaxy the danger of a warhawk’s swoop. This, unfortunately, also created a gameplay pattern that was not much fun to play against, so we’re making some tweaks to the most prominent cards in this strategy.

This balance update mostly focuses on slightly tuning down some of the cards most utilized by a couple of the most dangerous Warlords of the last meta. We’re also bumping the viability of two of the new Warlords. Check out all the changes below:

Targutai’s Sacrifice: Changed description to ‘Return all troops to their deck and reduce their cost to 0. For each enemy troop, deal 2 damage to your warlord’ (instead of dealing 1 damage per enemy troop)
Quick Reaction: Increased Cost from 3 to 4
Kumblai Bikes: Lowered Health from 3 to 2
Reckoning: Increased Cost from 16 to 18

Subjugator Batallion (Castramn Orth’s special card): Lowered Cost from 3 to 2 and changed description to ‘Give Flank and +2/+2 to a friendly troop’
Reckoning: Lowered Cost from 18 to 16

Larrans Squad: Changed description to ‘Rage: Deal 1 damage to a random enemy’ (instead of dealing 2 damage)
Sandscour Jetbikes: Lowered Health from 3 to 2

Knight-Lancer: Changed description to ‘Overload. First Strike’ (doesn’t have Shield now)
Ilmarius Novus: Changed description to ‘Overload. Battle Honour: Remove Stun from all your units’ (doesn’t have Shield now)
Belicosa Cannon: Lowered ability damage from 12 to 10

Khorne’s Favour: Changed description to ‘Your Warlord gains +1/0 this turn and attacks by itself once’ (instead of giving +2/0)

These changes are already in the game, and a new competitive season is live! Conquer the battlefields to claim your rightful place as this month’s Warmaster!

The Horus Heresy: Legions is available on Steam, iOS and Android.

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