The Salamanders are held back in a new balance patch


“Is this your will, father?”

– Vulkan

The start of the month saw the release of the new Salamanders collection, with a host of fiery warriors ready to strike down the traitors with their master-crafted creations. Vulkan’s hosts broke through the enemy lines with higher zeal and determination than expected, and must now cool down a bit before continuing their battle.

This small balance patch focuses on adjusting the new Salamanders cards that have boosted problematic play patterns in the new faction. Check out all the changes below:


● Veteran Mostarf: Increased ability cost from 1 to 2
● Techmarine Ardensis: Lowered stats from 3/5 to 3/4. Changed description to ‘Survivor 1. When you put in play a Vehicle, give it +1/0 and Survivor 1’
● Supply Drop: Changed description to: ‘Choose an Artifact and add it to your hand. It costs 2 less’ (instead of lowering the cost of all Artifacts in your hand by 1)
● Tectonic Blast: Lowered damage from 5 to 4
● Forges of Nocturne: Changed description to: ‘Create 3 random Artifacts in your hand. They cost 1 less’ (instead of making them cost 0)
● Promethean Awakening: Increased cost from 8 to 10. Changed description to ‘Put in play 3 friendly Salamanders troops that died this game’ (instead of 4)

These changes are already in the game, log in to check them out! Prepare to conquer the battlefields and claim your rightful place as this month’s Warmaster!