Balance changes – April 2021


“A novel strategy!”

– Thaddeus Fayle

In the thick of battle there might not be time for second guessing, but all sides always try to update their arsenal to gain the upper hand. A new balance patch has been released, with slight touch-ups to the Imperial Army, Sons of Horus, Dark Angels and Chaos.

Imperial Army
  • Malcador’s Observer: Lowered cost from 5 to 4.
  • Triumph of Ullanor: Changed the description to reduce the cost when any troop dies, not only enemies.
  • Close Call: Now returns the a friendly troop to your hand instead of your deck.
  • Compliance: Gain additional effect “Draw a troop”.
Sons of Horus
  • Serghar Targost: Change description to “Drop Pod. Relentless: Give a Mark of Chaos to your Astartes troops”.
  • The Punisher: Increased health from 10 to 12 and lowered its ability’s cost from 4 to 2.
Dark Angels
  • Eskaton Imperative: Changed description to “Deal 2 damage to all enemies. For each unit killed, lower the cost of a troop in your hand by 1”.
  • Hereteknica: Changed cost to 3 and description to “Give a Mark of Chaos to all your Mechanicum non-Daemon troops. Draw a card”.