Balance changes – March 2021


“I am faceless, yet I can become anyone”

Callidus Assassin

War, gruelling and dire as it is, takes its toll on everyone, even the brightest sons of the Emperor. This balance update brings small changes that focus mainly on Reckoning-type cards and the Callidus Assassin. Check out the details:

  • Healing reduced from 8 to 5 in special cards including Whispers of Chaos, Reckoning, Madness, Dreadnought Interment and General of Signus.
  • Lion El’Jonson: Changed ability to “Choose a Wing. Draw a troop from that Wing”.
  • Lion El’Jonson’s Reckoning: Change cost from 14 to 15, but increase cost reduction from -1 to -2 when a friendly troop completes a quest.
  • Flame Cannon: Changed ability to “Deal 2 damage to the enemy warlord and adjacent units”.
  • Callidus Assassin: Gained new passive ability “Relentless: Heal 1”, and updated list of warlords it can transform into: the list now includes Israfael, Sergeant Cork and Kheron Ophion, and no longer includes Hierophant, Hommed, Carya and Meros.

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