The Salamanders are reborn in the latest balance update!


“I can show you my superiority.”

– Vulkan, Primarch

While the Battle of Terra would decide the outcome of the Horus Heresy, this very battle was decided by numerous factors, including the many small-scale missions undertaken by those who survived the Drop Site Massacre. Many Salamanders fought in these missions, delaying the traitor’s progress, as well as taking out key strategic points and limiting their ability to resupply. Also, with the whole Galaxy focused on Terra, Luther saw the perfect opportunity to reclaim Caliban and return it to the old ways.

This balance update focuses around the Salamanders, bringing an important change to the Sacrifice trait as well as updating many of the Salamander cards. It also brings a significant change to Luther, of the Defenders of Caliban, giving him a special card and a new evolved form, akin to his Primarch counterparts. Take a look at the full list of changes:

  • Sacrifice: this trait now triggers when the troop is killed during its controller’s own turn, regardless of whether it is attacking or not.


  • Vulkan: Changed ability to “(2) Create a random Teaching in your hand”
  • Cassian Vaughn: His special card, The Twice Dead, now costs 10 instead of 20.
  • Nemetor: Gain Survivor 2
  • Chaplain Xavier: New artwork, and changed description to “Resolution: Give Survivor 1 to adjacent units. Sacrifice: Create a Teaching in your hand”
  • Ancient Dak’Lyr: Changed description to “Resolution: Gain Survivor 2. Sacrifice: Deal 4 damage to a random enemy”
  • Ancient Xavor: Changed stats from 6/7 to 8/7, and description to “Survivor 3. Sacrifice: Deal 4 damage to all other units”
  • Forgefather T’Kell: Changed description to “Survivor 5. (2) Choose a Tactic from your deck and draw it. Can act again”
  • Dallor Squad: Changed stats from 5/3 to 5/4
  • Orbital Combat: Lowered cost from 2 to 1
  • Storm Eagle: Changed description to “Deal 2 damage. If the target is an enemy, Stun it”
  • Benevolence: Increased cost from 2 to 3 and changed description to “Heal 4 to a friendly unit. If it has Sacrifice, trigger it”
  • Devotion: Increased cost from 1 to 3 and changed description to “Give +1/+1 to your troops. If you don’t control any, put in play two Sorkar Hunters”
  • Hope: Increased cost from 2 to 3 and changed description to “Choose a troop from your deck and draw it. It costs 2 less”
  • Resilience: Increased cost from 3 to 4 and changed description to “Choose a friendly Astartes that died this game and put it in play”
  • Artificer Armour: Increased cost from 3 to 5 and changed description to “Give +4/+4 to a friendly troop”

Defenders of Caliban

  • Luther: He now starts with a card, “Arch-Betrayer”, in hand. When played, Luther transforms into The Arch-Betrayer.
  • The Arch-Betrayer: New Luther transformation. 3/40 Warlord with the ability “(2) Take control of a damaged enemy troop”

Thousand Sons

  • All Warlords start the battle with an extra point of Psychic Energy
  • Magnus the Red: Changed ability to “Deal 1-3 damage”


  • Khazdrak: Changed stats from 4/6 to 4/5
  • Khorne’s Favour: Lower cost from 6 to 5 and changed description to “Your warlord gains +3/0 until your next turn”

The new competitive season has only started! Check out the changes in-game and fight for the title of Warmaster!

The Horus Heresy: Legions is available on Steam, iOS and Android.

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