Pride leads to downfall in the latest balance patch


Borrowed power is no power at all.

Lord Cypher

Balance changes! With the release of the Galaxy in Flames expansion in full swing, the meta is shifting and all Legions are looking to find their place on the rapidly evolving battlefield. Nevertheless, November also brings a few balance changes to restrain a few decks which were becoming overly dominant in ranked play, as well as a warlord in the current timed event:

Sons of Horus
  • Sarpati Squad: Change bonus when playing a Chaos card from +1/+1 to +1/0
Emperor’s Children
  • Hold at All Costs: When played with Perfection, refill only 5 Energy (instead of all Energy)
Defenders Of Caliban
  • Pride of Caliban: Change ability to allow warlord to act only once more each time, rather than twice if it has Blood Thirst
  • Captain Alcaeus: Change ability so that it triggers on Courage, rather than being activated
Event balance change

Jangsai Khan also receives a nerf to limit his growing supremacy in the current timed event, and will no longer refill Energy every time you activate Streak.

Players in the middle of an event run with Jangsai Khan will not be impacted by this change, but all new event runs started after the patch will only be able to choose the new version of Jangsai Khan.

You performed admirably.

Jangsai Khan

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