Blood Angels gameplay


From high overhead there was a low crackle and a sound like distant thunder as sonic booms from the upper atmosphere reached the desert floor.

“We are the anvil,” Horus repeated, pointing with his sword to the descending Blood Angels. “Now behold the hammer.”

(Fear to Tread, James Swallow)

Death from above

Favouring drop pod shock assaults and borne on the wings of master-crafted jump packs, the Blood Angels are masters of close combat and a very aggressive approach to warfare, coming face to face with their foes no matter where they cower or how high their fortresses stand.

The Blood Angels Legion gameplay reflects this tactical approach, featuring the Unstoppable warlord Sanguinius and half a dozen Unstoppable Astartes, including the fearsome Sanguinary Guard. The IX Legion counts among its ranks the highest number of Unstoppable units of any faction in the game!

The Horus Heresy: Legions
The fearsome Sanguinary Guard

New Trait: Requiem

Beneath the serene and steely countenance of every Blood Angel lies a red thirst for carnage, a song of blood and death. The IX Legion’s battle rage is captured by a new trait, Requiem. Warlords and troops with Requiem trigger a special bonus when an adjacent troop dies, from strength and health buffs to direct damage against enemies. Furious vengeance lies in store for those foes brazen enough to fell a son of Sanguinius and hope to live to tell the tale. 

The Horus Heresy: Legions
Harum Tactical Squad

New Trait: Landing

The Blood Angels favoured death from above – orbital drops and shock assault tactics born on wings of fire. To represent this their new trait, Landing, appears on all Blood Angels Astartes with Drop Pod. It triggers a special effect when a unit exits a Drop Pod that the enemy has been unable to destroy. Those who fail to intercept or disrupt a Blood Angels drop pod assault will find themselves at the mercy of the IX Legion!

Descending from the heavens on wings of fire, the Blood Angels were the incarnation of the Emperor’s wrath upon those who rejected the gift of Unity. Take control of the IX Legion now and fly into battle!

The Horus Heresy: Legions is available on Steam, iOS and Android.

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