Angels of Caliban neutral cards released


“To whom we bend our knee defines who we are.”

Luther, Grand Master of Caliban

The Angels of Caliban expansion receives its final batch of content with the release of 20 new neutral cards, based on the non-Astartes forces that were garrisoned in Caliban after Luther’s return.


Recruit the loyalist forces to defend Caliban, join the cult hidden in the Northwinds arcology or plot with Caliban’s disgruntled nobility as they plan for the planet’s independence from Imperial Rule. Complete your deck’s strategy with the new set of neutral cards!


There’s a new expansion crate in the shop! The Angels of Caliban crates include 5 cards from this expansion. Available for 100 coins, these crates may yield cards from the Dark Angels, Defenders of Caliban and Knight Houses factions, as well as cards from the new set of 20 neutral cards.

Event prizes and VIP Daily Mission crates also include at least one card from the Angels of Caliban expansion.


When word of the battle of Isstvan III arrived, Lion El’Jonson’s first move was to deny the traitor forces of the heavy siege engines produced in the Forge World of Diamat. However, once they reach the planet, the Dark Angels discover that the Warmaster’s influence has extended further than they had guessed.

Relive this key moment of the Horus Heresy and discover a new Dark Angels warlord!

“I will give you a lesson in honour.”


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