The Calth Expansion concludes with new neutral cards


Don’t fear technology.

Kelbor-Hal, Fabricator-General of Mars

The Horus Heresy: Legions concludes its fourth major content expansion, The Battle of Calth, with a batch of neutral cards and the release of the Calth Crates. Make room in your decks and prepare for salvation… or apotheosis!

New Neutral Cards
War rages across the galaxy as the Heresy spreads like wildfire. The forces of Chaos see their spilling of blood rewarded with new powers available to them… and to those who dare to use them. Such power comes in the shape of a set of 20 new neutral cards to complete the Battle of Calth expansion! Featuring 10 cards for Chaos, 5 for Imperial Army and 5 for Mechanicum.

New Calth Expansion Crates
Find the new neutral cards along with the last three factions released in the new Calth Crates (Ultramarines, Word Bearers and Orphans of War), available now in the Shop!

New Event: ‘Angel Exterminatus
By order of a mortally wounded Captain Branthan, the Shattered Legions under Cadmus Tyro set course to Iydris. Their mission: to stop Fulgrim before he ascends to Daemonhood. Upon arrival, Captain Cadmus Tyro and his men find the Emperor’s Children battling their Iron Warriors allies. Are they too late?

The new neutral cards are now live. Start collecting them now!

The Horus Heresy: Legions is available on Steam, iOS and Android.

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