December season meta report


The end of December marks the end of the last ranked season of 2020! This was also the first season with the whole Caliban expansion fully available. Let’s take a look at how things have turned out in the monthly roundup of High Terra (3800+) and Low Terra (2500-3800)! Find out how your favourite Warlords and Legions have performed in this month of galactic warfare!

No quarter, no respite.

Leman Russ, Primarch of the Space Wolves

The Knight Houses’ dominance has relented in Low Terra, but their presence has been established in higher rankings. Once again, there is a significant divergence between the results in High and Low Terra, with a different set of Warlord topping the lists. Warlords from many different factions have shown up in the highest spots of the rankings this month, so let’s take a look at the stats!

Low Terra

Between 2500 and 3800 rating, the top warlords have changed substantially compared to November. The Cerastus Knight of House Orhlacc, who dominated last month’s Low Terra, has dropped to the 11th spot in the rankings, with Leman Russ leaping from last month’s 6th place to leading the ranks. The brotherly competition has been specially fierce this month in Low Terra, with many Primarchs fighting for the first spot, as Vulkan, Corax, Curze and Angron all trail slightly behind Leman.

The lower spots of the Top 10 are dominated by non-Primarch Warlords. Kirine and Raldoron manage to keep themselves in the Top 10, while Raum creeps into it once again. A reinforced Zahariel takes a big leap and scores the 7th place, and Cor’bax stays strong but drops slightly compared to last month.

Win Rate
Use Rate
Leman Russ 52% 4,6%
Vulkan 52% 4,4%
Corvus Corax 52% 4,0%
Konrad Curze 51% 4,0%
Angron 54% 3,7%
Nerat Kirine 54% 3,5%
Zahariel 55% 3,3%
Raum 53% 3,0%
Cor’bax Utterblight 56% 2,9%
Raldoron 52% 2,7%
Cerastus Orhlacc 53% 2,5%
Tarvitz 52% 2,5%
Alpharius 52% 2,5%
Shabran 56% 2,3%
Khârn 52% 2,2%
Sanguinius 52% 2,1%
Ka’Bandha 52% 2,1%
Constantin Valdor 51% 2,1%
Perturabo 56% 2,1%
Corswain 50% 2,0%
Exodus 52% 1,8%
Lucretia Elunnirai 52% 1,6%
Ulrach Branthan 57% 1,5%
Fulgrim 50% 1,5%
Ferrus Manus 50% 1,5%
Magnus the Red 50% 1,4%
Flaymaster Mawdrym 51% 1,3%
Santar 50% 1,3%
Horus 48% 1,3%
Roboute Guilliman 51% 1,3%
Luther 51% 1,3%
Zardu Layak 55% 1,2%
Lord Cypher 51% 1,1%
Mortarion 55% 1,0%

High Terra

In the highest echelons of Terra, the Cerastus Knight of House Orhlacc stays steadfast in the first spot. Vulkan keeps the same rank as in Low Terra, with Leman following behind. Very close to Leman, we see Kirine and Zahariel with a stronger position compared to lower rankings.

The other half of the top 10 sees representation from factions that aren’t present in Low Terra’s Top 10, starting with Corswain in the 6th spot and Lucretia Elunnirai in the 7th, taking a huge jump from last month’s 22nd position. Very close to them, Khârn, Corvus Corax and Magnus the Red close the top 10, but the rest of the Warlords in the top are not too far behind, so they’d better not lower their guards.

Win Rate
Use Rate
Cerastus Orhlacc 68% 7,1%
Vulkan 56% 5,6%
Leman Russ 53% 4,7%
Nerat Kirine 56% 4,6%
Zahariel 57% 4,4%
Corswain 61% 4,2%
Lucretia Elunnirai 62% 4,0%
Khârn 55% 3,9%
Corvus Corax 54% 3,6%
Magnus the Red 59% 3,5%
Angron 55% 3,3%
Exodus 59% 2,9%
Ulrach Branthan 59% 2,8%
Perturabo 56% 2,7%
Tarvitz 52% 2,6%
Raum 54% 2,5%
Ahriman 64% 2,4%
Konrad Curze 52% 2,2%
Cerastus Makabius 65% 2,0%
Sanguinius 56% 2,0%
Alpharius 50% 1,9%
Raldoron 56% 1,7%
Fulgrim 52% 1,6%
Cor’bax Utterblight 51% 1,6%
Luther 64% 1,4%
Constantin Valdor 57% 1,2%
Lord Cypher 52% 1,2%
Ka’Bandha 57% 1,1%
Mortarion 52% 1,1%

The year is over, but the galactic struggle is yet ongoing. Even if the bulk of the Angels of Caliban expansion has now been released, more cards and challengers will be arriving to the game as we come into the new year. Seize this new opportunity to fight for the title of Warmaster and get ready for January’s competitive season! Lead a new faction to the thick of war and take your enemy by surprise!

Good luck on the battlefield!

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