The defenders of Terra command December’s meta report


December ended, a new Warmaster has taken the title and there’s a new competitive season on the go! As usual at the end of a season, the stats are in. It’s time to take a look at the numbers from last month’s competitive season and check how the rankings in High Terra (rating 3800+) and Low Terra (rating 2500-3800) have evolved. 

Embrace death like a brother, and laugh in it’s face.

Qin Xa, Master of the Keshig

Even though some well known Warlords have remained steadfast against the new menaces that arrived with the expansion, the ranks have taken quite a shake-up. The new missions and tools that are now collectable have allowed a varied range Warlords to take the spotlight. Let’s take a closer look at the numbers.


Camba-Diaz and Fulgrim continue to their reign as most used Warlords in Low Terra, although with a much lower use rate compared to last month. Konrad Curze strikes ahead of Raum and Luther, who occupied third and fourth spots previously, taking advantage of the recent Night Lords balance patch and cards. 

Kharn drops eight places to thirteenth, while Santar moves up a place to take his spot in sixth. Guilliman, Corax and Russ all climb up, with the biggest jump by Corax who rises fourteen places, and a very impressive sixty percent win rate, one of the highest at Low Terra. A shoutout deserves to go to Sevatar, who raised 30 spots to reach the tenth position!

Win Rate
Use Rate
1 Camba-Diaz 57% 3.8%
2 Fulgrim 53% 3.6%
3 Konrad Curze 51% 3.3%
4 Luther 55% 3.2%
5 Raum 56% 3.0%
6 Santar 56% 3.0%
7 Roboute Guilliman 53% 2.7%
8 Corvus Corax 60% 2.7%
9 Leman Russ 52% 2.6%
10 Sevatar 51% 2.5%
11 Alpharius 48% 2.4%
12 Qin Xa 68% 2.2%
13 Kharn 56% 2.2%
14 Exodus 55% 2.1%
15 Tarvitz 50% 2.1%
16 Ferrus Manus 54% 2.0%
17 Horus 58% 1.8%
18 Nykona Sharrowkyn 58% 1.7%
19 Malcharion 47% 1.7%
20 Shabran 52% 1.6%
21 Magnus the Red 50% 1.6%
22 Corswain 57% 1.6%
23 Angron 54% 1.5%
24 Vulkan 53% 1.4%
25 Merir Astelan 60% 1.4%
26 Lorgar 49% 1.4%
27 Ka’Bandha 52% 1.3%
28 Marius Gage 57% 1.3%
29 Tylos Rubio 55% 1.2%
30 Ornatov 49% 1.2%
31 Sanguinius 52% 1.2%


With the howl of jetbikes, the White Scars arrive! Qin Xa surges into top spot for highest use rate, and joint highest win rate next to Camba-Diaz, alongside Horus who remains stalwart in second place. Perhaps the rapid ascent of the White Scars may become a detriment as they get bogged down in battle? Camba-Diaz climbs several spots with his impressive win rate, overtaking Tarvitz, Luther and Raum, with Luther and Raum both falling five places respectively. Kharn drops from fourth to tenth, and for the first time in many months, we see the Raven Guard appear in the top ten, alongside Sevatar representing the Night Lords.

The biggest loser of the December season appears to be Lord Cypher, dropping out of the top thirty after the Pride of Caliban balance patch. Lorgar too takes a stumble out of the top ten to twenty third position. One of the more surprising entries, just missing out on top ten, is Alexis Polux with an incredibly impressive fifty eight percent win rate, making the most of the new Imperial Fist cards. The recently added warlords Caipha Morarg, Sanakht and Tybalt Marr have already begun to make an impact on the lower end of the top thirty too. 

Win Rate
Use Rate
1 Qin Xa 60% 15.5%
2 Horus 55% 8.0%
3 Camba-Diaz 60% 5.5%
4 Tarvitz 52% 4.6%
5 Corvus Corax 52% 4.0%
6 Nykona Sharrowkyn 57% 4.0%
7 Fulgrim 53% 3.6%
8 Exodus 45% 3.1%
9 Sevatar 46% 2.8%
10 Kharn 51% 2.8%
11 Alexis Pollux 58% 2.3%
12 Raum 48% 2.2%
13 Luther 52% 2.2%
14 Tylos Rubio 54% 2.1%
15 Caipha Morarg 55% 2.0%
16 Vulkan 51% 2.0%
17 Sigismund 57% 1.7%
18 Leman Russ 50% 1.7%
19 Santar 44% 1.6%
20 Alpharius 39% 1.6%
21 Konrad Curze 44% 1.4%
22 Nerat Kirine 50% 1.1%
23 Lorgar 45% 1.1%
24 Malcador 42% 1.1%
25 Ka’Bandha 54% 1.0%

With the release of all Legion factions cards finishing towards the end of December, this month was only a preview of some of the shake ups we could see in January’s season. There are still more to come, with new neutral cards releasing on the 7th January, will they be able to disrupt the strength of the Legions?

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