New balance patch! Unleash your fury as the Blood Angels!


Are you the master of your anger?


Balance changes arrive! From the daemonic battlefields of Signus Prime, to the bloodied walls of the Imperial Palace, the Blood Angels have endured both pyrrhic victory, and humbling loss. Now, their anger and rage will be unleashed on the forces of the Warmaster at last. The Blood Angels receive several balance changes in order to bring them closer to other factions in ranked, and unranked play. The popular Preacher of Doom also receives a slight change to address its dominance in neutral builds.


Preacher of Doom: Increase cost from 1 to 2


Sanguinius: Change ability to (1) Trigger Requiem of a friendly troop
Nassir Amit: Increase ability damage from 2 to 3, and initiative from Medium to High
Moritat Tyborel: It now has Unstoppable and increase health from 5 to 6
Fire of Heaven: Decrease the cost of ability from 6 to 3.
Saevin Terminators: Change description to ‘Front Line. Requiem: Gain +1/+2’
Vineman Veterans: Change description to ‘Requiem: Gain +3/0 and Berzerk’
Orexis Veterans: Change the description to: ‘Unstoppable. Your units with Unstoppable have +1/0’.
Venerable Jophial: Change description to: ‘Shield. Front Line. Requiem: Give Survivor 1 to your Warlord’
Moonsilver Blade: Change description to ‘Your Warlord gains +3/0 until your next turn. Draw a card’
Sons of Baal: Increase Mission requirement to ‘A friendly troop triggers Requiem, 5 times.’

These changes are now live! Log into the game and fly high within the ranks with the renewed Blood Angels!

The Horus Heresy: Legions is available on Steam, iOS and Android.

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