The Imperial Fists suffer a blow in December’s Balance update


“Fight with determination, or fall.”

– Sigismund

Just before the arrival of the new Iron Warriors to the competitive scene, a balance update makes its way into the game! These balance changes are aimed at reducing the dominance of the Warlords that have ravaged the ranks in back-to-back months.

Sigismund: Remove passive
Shield Cover: Lower Bastion from 3 to 2
Shield Charge: Increase cost to 3
Phalanx Warders: Lower Bastion from 2 to 1
Haraanburg: Lower cost reduction from 4 to 3

Kariasus Squad: Lower damage from Ambush to 1 from 2
Sergeant Vykus: Lower Health from 4 to 3
Varaevar Squad: Lower Health from 4 to 3
Vigilator Aajz: Lower Health from 4 to 3
Voyde Dark Furies: Lower Health from 5 to 4
Shadow Lord: Lower stats from 8/8 to 7/7
One with the Shadows: Increase cost from 2 to 3

Konrad Curze: Change ability to “(2) Deal 2 damage. If target is a troop, also give it -2/0 until your next turn”
Konrad Curze: Change “Whispers of Chaos” card name to “Madness”
Whispers of Chaos/ Madness: Lower cost from 16 to 14
The Night Haunter: Change description to “Terror. Stealth. Murder: Gain +2/0” (instead of gaining +1/0)
Contekar Dissident: Gain Stealth

Voss Fighter: Increase cost from 2 to 3
Fierce Onslaught: Change description to “Give a friendly troop: “Battle Honour: Can act again, and remove this effect”

Chastiol Illustri: No longer has Shield
Acheronian Secutor: Lower damage from Rally to 1 from 2
Ursarax: Change description to “Vantage. (1) Gain +1/+1”

Thi’Shaialh: Lower Health from 6 to 4

These changes are already in the game, and a new competitive season is live! Conquer the battlefields to claim your rightful place as this month’s Warmaster!

The Horus Heresy: Legions is available on Steam, iOS and Android.

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