Complete your strategy with new neutral cards


“My calculations are flawless. Victory is the logical outcome.”

– Iocton Rheim

Risking their lives fighting among giants and demigods, the courageous elements of the Imperial Army and the Mechanicum were pivotal in bringing support to the Astartes Legions during the Dropsite Massacre. This Friday, September 1st, the three neutral factions return to the battlefields of the Horus Heresy with new exciting troops and tactics available to use in any deck!

Get your deck-building skills in gear! These widely useful cards are perfect to complete a deck’s strategy, but they can also hold their own in battle. Will you command the ranks of the Traitor Auxilia or unleash the latest developments of the Mechanicum against your enemies?

Major support for Traitor Auxilia and Vehicles

Last expansion saw the introduction of the Traitor Auxilia archetype, bringing into the game the cruel and ruthless Cthonian Headhunters into the game. In this new release, we are expanding the archetype by bringing new Imperial Army cards that either contain or synergize with the Traitor Auxilia trait, bringing new possibilities to themed decks.

Also, both the new Imperial Army and Mechanicum sets of cards bring support for vehicle-focused strategies. Factions like the Iron Hands or the White Scars will be glad to see a myriad of new vehicles and vehicle-buffers make their way into the game, ready to unleash a grand cannonade against any who dare stand in their way.

Check out the full gallery

Visit the website’s Card Collection to check the complete collection of incoming cards! From the new Warlords to the new tactics, troops, and special cards, take a peek at the new cards from the Imperial Army, Mechanicum and Chaos neutral factions so you know which tools will be at your disposal when the neutral release comes tomorrow. Check out the new cards and share your ideas in the #deck-building channel of the official Discord server.

Dropsite Massacre expansion crates

With this release, the Dropsite Massacre crates will become available in the shop. Each one of these crates contains five cards from the expansion, with at least one being Rare or higher quality. This means that by purchasing these crates you will be able to collect the Iron Hands, Salamanders and Raven Guard Legions, as well as the new set of neutral cards from the Imperial Army, Mechanicum and Chaos factions.

Start collecting the new neutral cards

With the final major card drop of the expansion making its way into the game, there are now many ways to collect the new cards! Take a look:

  • The NEW Dropsite Massacre expansion crates contain 5 cards from the Dropsite Massacre card set, at least one of them rare or better.
  • Get amazing VALUE with a time-limited deck deal. Get many of the new Imperial Army cards, including the legendary Wynne Grimvald in a ready-to-play deck deal! Command the Traitor Auxilia into battle as Balthazzar Dupain and unlock a fitting card back with this time-limited offer.
  • Take advantage of the current Battle Pass! Select any of the new factions as your preferred faction in the Reward Track screen and start collecting them through card rewards. Unlock the Premium Pass to get even more rewards, including Legendary cards, cosmetics and an ALTERNATE ART!
  • Play the event and fill your collection! Each reward crate in the new ‘Escape from Isstvan V’ event has at least 1 Dropsite Massacre card.
  • Check out the Daily shop! Every day there will be new cards for sale with gems for a limited time. Keep your eyes open!

New event: Escape from Isstvan V

Tragedy strikes as reinforcements for the Warmaster push the loyalists to an early retreat. A detachment of Imperial Army and Mechanicum forces arrive just in time to cover the loyalists’ escape. Will this be a forlorn effort or will the loyalist Legions live to fight another day?

Iocton Rheim will enter the battlefield and become a collectable Warlord at the end of the event. Choose your side to determine which version of the Magos Dominus will join the game and fill your collection! Every event reward crate contains at least one card from the Dropsite Massacre expansion. Remember that you can earn a free event run by completing the guaranteed “Win 3 games in Legacy, Practice or Ranked mode” daily mission. Take advantage of this reward and recruit fresh new cards!

The Horus Heresy: Legions is available on Steam, iOS and Android.

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