Witness the perfection of the new Emperor’s Children!


“It’s about time we had some fun. Shall we?”


The Emperor’s Children march to war!

Fulgrim’s Legion is the next in line to land on Terra as the Shadow of the Warmaster release season continues! Armed with ruinous sonic weaponry to disorientate their foes, the gifts of Chaos and restocked with new weaponry and war gear from their conquests across the galaxy, the Emperor’s Children come to claim their rightful spot as the perfect Legion.

Get ready to prove your strategic mastery as you expertly plan your turns to trigger additional Perfection effects, deploy the Kakophoni to disrupt the enemy lines with their new Disorient trait and unleash a quicksilver flurry of blood and pain with the aid of the Palatine blades!

Emperor’s Children Warlords

Three well-known characters from the Emperor’s Children stand as the new Warlords of the Third Legion, ready to lead them to victory. Bask in the glory of these skilled warriors:

  • Lucius: The self-proclaimed perfect swordsman and favoured of Fulgrim, Lucius often finds himself in the thick of the battle, eager to display his martial prowess. 
  • Eidolon: Lord Commander Primus of the Emperor’s Children, Eidolon was one of the first to receive profane genetic enhancements from Fabius Bile after their conquest of the Laer.
  • Fulgrim: Primarch of the Emperor’s Children and known as the Phoenician, Fulgrim regards himself and his Legion as the perfect warriors. While many see it as bluster, Fulgrim is known to be one of the mightiest duellists in the Primarch brotherhood and has a natural talent for war.

How to start collecting them

There are many ways to collect Emperor’s Children cards, especially during the first weeks after their release! Take a look at them:

  • Emperor’s Children faction crates contain 5 random cards, 3 of them guaranteed from the NEW Emperor’s Children collection including a rare card or better, and the other 2 from all cards released so far in the Shadow of the Warmaster expansion.
  • Get amazing VALUE with a time-limited bundle containing Eidolon, 15 Emperor Children crates and an exclusive premium Eidolon avatar, available from shortly after the Legion’s release until 10 AM UTC on 6th March.
  • Take advantage of the current Battle Pass! Select the Emperor’s Children as your preferred faction and start collecting them through card rewards. Unlock the Premium Pass to get even more rewards, including Legendary cards, exclusive cosmetics and an ALTERNATE ART!
  • Play the event and fill your collection! Each reward crate in the upcoming ‘Breaching the Saturnine Gate’ event has at least 1 of the new Emperor’s Children cards.
  • Check out the Daily shop! Every day there will be new cards for sale with gems for a limited time. Keep your eyes open!

New event: ‘Breaching the Saturnine Gate’

The second event of the Shadow of the Warmaster expansion kicks off with a clash between two of the grandest fighters in the Galaxy: Fulgrim the Phoenician and his brother Rogal Dorn! The Emperor’s Children vanguard a mass assault against the Saturnine Wall, to both fill their lust for battle and serve as a distraction for the Sons of Horus’ subterranean strike.

With the full Legion marching to war, can Rogal Dorn and the defenders hold out against the perfect attack led by Fulgrim himself? Choose your side and join the fight! Remember to complete the “Win 3 games” guaranteed daily mission to get a FREE entry into the event every day and kickstart your Emperor’s Children collection!

The new Emperor’s Children are now live! Are you ready to show the galaxy what perfection looks like? Get ready to take command of Fulgrim and his Legion, and log into the game to test out the might of the Emperor’s Children!

The Horus Heresy: Legions is available on Steam, iOS and Android.

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