Faction focus: Agents of the Sigillite


“The cogs are turning. The clock is ticking.”

– Malcador the Sigillite

With Iacton Qruze joining his battle-brothers on the field, all of the collectable Warlords for the Agents of the Sigillite have been released! To commemorate the occasion, lets take a closer look at one of the most unique factions of the game.


With Iacton Qruze joining Malcador’s Agents on the field, all of the collectable Warlords for the Agents of the Sigillite have been released! To commemorate the occasion, lets take a closer look at one of the most unique factions of the game.

Unbeknownst to most of the Imperium, Malcador fought in the Horus Heresy in his own particular way. His was not a war of bullet and blade, but one of secrets and shadows. Mustering all the power at the disposal of a Regent of Terra, Malcador set off many secret projects that would change the tides of war, and sculpt the future of the Imperium.

He recruited and gathered agents and spies from any possible origin and for any conceivable task. The Officio Assassinorum, soldiers from the Imperial Army, Astartes… They all joined under Malcador’s banner and never doubted to act against the traitors when the Regent of Terra gave the order. This variety of forces gives the Agents of the Sigillite a lot of flexibility and allows them to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. This, combined with their adaptability and multitude of warded and stealthed troops, make this faction a fearful opponent.


Malcador had access to some of the most elite forces in the Imperium. Having gathered the Knights-Errant, faring from a multitude of the Imperium’s Legions, and able to call upon the specialized Officio Assassinorum, the Agents of the Sigillite display great flexibility and adaptability.

Aside from offering a wide range of abilities, the warriors recruited by Malcador are tough and resilliant. Their access to Ward and Stealth allow them to stay in the battlefield for longer. The survivability of these troops is further increased thanks to the tactics of this faction, which contain a myriad of healing and protective effects.


Elite troops are but a mere fraction of the power at the disposal of the Regent of Terra. Second only to the Emperor Himself, Malcador can summon support from any force of the Imperium with a snap of his fingers. In the game, this comes in the shape of a new type of tactics exclusive to this faction: Seals.

Seals can’t be included when building a deck, they can only be generated in-battle through card effects. Many of the Agents of the Sigillite’s cards can add one of the five different Seals to their deck. While these cards might not be an inmediate threat, patience is a virtue, since they offer a variety of powerful effects that can change the state of the game in a fell swoop.

Cloaked in mystery, the Agents of the Sigillite have always fought for the Imperium in battles most will never know of. Gather enemy intel, lead the most elite forces of the Imperium and use the whole power of the Administratum to conquer the battlefield! 

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