Faction focus: Imperial Fists


“We the last line of the Imperium.”

– Rogal Dorn, Primarch

Staunch Defenders

Knowledgeable and practiced in the building of fortifications and defensive structures, the Imperial Fists constantly prove themselves as masters of siegecraft. Their defensive mastery is unparalleled in the Imperium, and has gained them a constant feud with the Iron Warriors.

The defensive strategies of the Imperial Fists come into play on the battlefield with the new Bastion trait, as well as a myriad of protective effects at their disposal. With these many defensive tools, the VIIth Legion is ready to overcome even the mightiest of their enemies’ strikes.

New Trait: Bastion

As the greatest builders of the Imperium, the Imperial Fists are masters of warfare constructions. They are able to make the best use of them, and use these as tactical defensive positions. This is captured in the new Bastion trait.

Bastion has a numerical value displayed on the unit while in play. This number shows the amount of damage the unit can take from enemy attacks without seeing its health affected. The extra protection granted by this trait does not protect the unit while it is attacking, so choose your battles carefully.

Sentries of Terra

There is no lack of offensive options for the VIIth Legion, but one of their unique ways to battle is through the use of the Sentry Turret. Sentry Turrets are structures summoned by multiple effects in Imperial Fists cards, and while they can be destroyed by your opponent, they can become a big threat if left unchecked.

When protected with Bastion or behind a Front Line unit, Sentry Turrets can deal consistent damage which will turn by turn help achieve victory. Among the cards of the Imperial Fists there are also multiple effects that interact with Structures to make the best of them.

Always standing in the face of treachery, the Imperial Fists are without a doubt the unbreakable shield of the Imperium. Get ready to lead the VIIth Legion into battle and dominate the battlefield!

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