Faction focus: Sisters of Silence


“Only in silence, one can hear the Truth.”

– Jenetia Krole, Knight-Commander


From among the forces of the Imperium, the Sisters of Silence stand out as expert seekers and hunters, specialized in fighting against psykers, servants of Chaos and all who deal with the Warp. This is not only because of their rigorous training, but also because all members of the Silent Sisterhood have something in common. They were all born with an incredibly rare genetic mutation called “the Pariah gene”, which makes them essentially impervious to the Warp.

The stoic and remorseless assaults of the Silent Sisterhood is a sight to behold when their troops show up on the battlefield. Their fast and flanking troops combined with the many ‘rally’ effects at their disposal ensures that every appearance of a Sister of Silence will have an immediate impact on the course of the battle.


The Sisterhood strikes fast, and it always strikes hard. A swift strike always makes an arduous battle short, and the Sisters of Silence are experts in that matter. Their troops brandish higher than average attack values, and they are not short of effects that boost this value even higher.

Their troops aren’t the only ones that take part in the battle, though. Many effects and abilities among the cards from the Sisters of Silence focus around boosting their Warlord. Every member of the Sisterhood is a threat that should never be taken lightly.


When a novice ascends and becomes a full-fledged member of the Sisterhood, she must take the Vow of Tranquility. This ritual oath of silence also has a military purpose, training the Sisters of Silence to be calm in the most tense moments of a battle, and allowing them to be in control of the fight in every situation.

The Silent Sisterhood doesn’t just go into battle expecting to slay their enemies in a single hit. They are an expert force of battle-ready warriors, with a myriad of tools at their disposal. Among them, there is no shortage of ways to control the battlefield, stunning and jamming their enemies to gain the upper hand.

Forever loyal to the Emperor, the Sisters of Silence are among the least numerous forces of the Imperium, but also stand out as the greatest one to face treachery and Chaos. Sharpen your Executioner’s Blade and ready your Vratine gear, for the time for battle has come!

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