February 2019 season updates


The Battle of Isstvan V is coming to a close. As the Events move on to cover the desperate evacuation attempts of the few surviving Loyalists, the last pieces are falling into in place to set the new Legions and neutral cards into competitive play and pave the way to new Events and surprises. Today’s Field Report shows 4th Iron Warriors and Alpha Legion Warlords, cards, cosmetics and balance changes recently added to the game. Tale a look at the summary below.

  • Barban Falk and Exodus become collectable Warlords.
  • 204th Cohort, Imperial Army Tactic, has been released.
  • Extermination expansion cosmetics have been released.
  • Angron art gets replaced.
  • Lord of Drakes, Vulkan’s alt-art, gets new voice lines.
  • Neutral cards balance changes.

Want to know more? Keep reading for more details:

Barban Falk becomes a collectable Warlord

The unsubtle Iron Warriors Triarch, Barban Falk, is coming to competitive play! Bringing punishment to both his own men and his enemies, and clad in a custom Terminator armour once meant for the disgraced Barabas Dantioch, this hulking Astartes will get victory no matter how many losses it takes.

In gameplay, Falk’s personality translates into his ability: he can buff the attack of all of his troops in play, but they will also take 1 damage. Best used when dominating the board, Falk will suit players who favour overwhelming board control and explosive attacks.

Barban Falk is a collectable Epic Warlord for the Iron Warriors. Look for him in Event rewards, Iron Warriors crates and Extermination crates.

Exodus becomes a collectable Warlord

The legendary sniper Exodus of the Alpha Legion is coming to competitive play! Claimed to have brought a dozen worlds to compliance with a single shot, Exodus is a supremely skilled assassin whose skills rival those of the Clade Vindicare marksmen, yet none can say if he’s an individual or a group sharing a coded identifier.

In gameplay, Exodus is a versatile threat that requires, as one would expect of the Alpha Legion, some planning to pull off correctly. Just like a sniper, he needs to get in position using a Siege ability. From the next turn onwards, he can spend all the remaining energy to deal that much damage to any target. This means he can repeatedly deal 10 damage every 2 turns once he has 10 energy to spare.

Exodus is a collectable Epic Warlord for the Alpha Legion. Look for him in Event rewards, Alpha Legion crates and Extermination crates.

Extermination expansion Cosmetics have been released

Show your true colours! Collect new badges, war cries and card backs to terrify your opponents and show your fealty to the new Legions! Are you Alpharius yet?

204th Cohort enters the game

The Loyalist were victorious during The Second Wave Event and unlocked this Rare Imperial Army Tactic into the game. The Traitor’s faction card, the 142nd Cohort, has been lost. Maybe forever!

The 204th Cohort deploys reliable protection in the form of two Lasrifle Sections with Front Line, a solid option to protect your Warlord and vulnerable troops from most enemy attacks. Look for this card in Extermination and Imperial Army crates and Event rewards.

New Angron Art

The latest update introduced new art for the World Eater’s Primarch, Angron. His old art is has been cast into the void, but it might come back some day in some form. This change does not compromise a possible Alternate Art version of Angron in the future.

Fully Voiced Lord of Drakes

“Behold the flames of rebirth!”

– Primarch Vulkan, Lord of Drakes

Vulkan’s alternate art, Lord of Drakes, now features an exclusive set of chat options voiceovers, in line with his personality during his appearance in the Taras Division. If you missed your chance to get him during the limited timed promotion when he was available, keep your vox channel tuned in to this frequency to learn when he’ll be back.

Neutral Cards Balance Changes

While the new Legions find their place in competitive play, the latest set of balance changes has focused on neutral cards. Get ready to praise (or curse!) the Chaos gods, the Omnissiah and the Emperor! The biggest changes have come to Ambassador Melgator and Goldstone Hunters. Melgator makes sense in most decks since he is a cheap removal option that has incredible potential to gain tempo. Goldstone Hunters, on the other hand, are incredible finishers, as they can receive most troop buffs like Mechenandrites and Marks of chaos to get high damage. And that’s good! However, it was less good that after hitting most warlords, they could survive thanks to their 3 Health and remain a threat on the board. The changes keep both cards powerful, but they will make their use more tailored to specific strategies. The full list of changes is below:


● Ti’Lath’s Changers: changed stats from 3/5 to 3/4, and ability is now triggered only when playing Tactics.

Imperial Army

● Goldstone’s Hunters: changed stats from 3/3 to 3/2.
● Sabotage: cost reduced from 2 to 1.
● Ursus Claw: cost reduced from 4 to 0.


● Alpha-Zeta 54: changed stats from 3/2 to 2/3.
● Ambassador Melgator: Ability can now target only Astartes or Infantry troops.
● Calleb Decima: Health increased to 35.
● Maniple Tau-Mu: changed stats from 9/10 to 12/8.
● Skitarii Protector: description becomes ‘Front Line. Rally: A random enemy with Stealth loses it’ (triggering ability as Rally instead of Backlash).

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