The Custodians enhance their gear in the new balance update


“Patience is a weapon.”

– Vettranio Shapura

Balance changes arrive! With the Galaxy in Flames expansion setting a new tone for the meta, February brings several changes to missions that felt unsatisfying to play, as well as changes to some of the more dominant decks in the highest ranks of competitive play.

The Legio Custodes also return in full force in this balance patch. With upgraded gear and renewed purpose, the Emperor’s true firstborn warriors are ready to defend the Imperium against any menace. Check out the details below.

● Vettranio Shapura: Change description to “Battle Honour: Draw a card. (1) Gain Shield”
● Imperial Bureaucrat: Change description to “Resolution: Draw a card”
● Imperial Emissary: Lower cost of ability from 2 to 1
● Diocleton: Increase stats from 3/4 to 4/4
● Neron Squad: Increase stats from 4/3 to 5/3
● Velt Squad: Increase stats from 3/4 to 3/5, and lower cost of ability from 2 to 1
● Ephoroi Squad: Increase stats from 5/3 to 5/4
● Eratin Squad: Increase stats from 3/5 to 4/5
● The Emperor’s Gift: Increase stats from 3/5 to 3/6, and lower cost of ability from 2 to 1
● Adsulton: Increase stats from 5/7 to 6/8
● Tribune: Increase stats from 6/6 to 7/7, and change description to “First Strike. Sentinel. Battle Honour: Draw a Custodes from your deck”
● Shield of the Imperium: Change description to “Resolution: Draw a Custodes from your deck”
● Praesidium Shield: Lower cost from 4 to 2
● Only in Death: It now adds the Telemon Dreadnought to your hand instead of your deck
● Benediction of the Emperor: Change description to “Give Survivor 3 to your units. Your next troop or Tactic costs 0”

● Lucius: Increase Health from 30 to 35
● Chosen of Slaanesh: Lower requirement from 10 to 8
● Fueled by Desire: Now gives +1/0 to your Warlord when played

● Gherith Arendi: Change ability to “(2) Give Sentenced 1 to an enemy this turn. If target is a troop, deal 1 damage to it”
● Captain Kyrin: Remove Rally effect

● Lorgar: Lower cost of Whispers of Chaos to 16, but lower cost reduction to -2 for each Daemon in play
● Chosen of the Gods: Lower requirement from 5 to 4

● Sons of Medusa: Lower requirement from 8 to 6
● Master of Mechanisms: Change description to “Your Warlord gains ‘Your Vehicles cost 3 less'”

● Nomus Rhy’tan: No longer gains +1/0 when playing a Teaching

● Chosen of Khorne: Lower requirement from 12 to 9

● Sons of Fenris: Lower requirement from 10 to 8

● Xanathite Abeyant: Deal 1 damage 4 times instead of 5

● Remove Mission cards from the pool of cards that can be created randomly (eg. by Crucial Choice or Kai Zulane)
● Barricade: Change card faction from Imperial Army to Iron Warriors

These changes are now live! Log into the game and test them in the war of wars that will decide the fate of the Imperium!

“Ours is the vigil that must never end.”

– Vettranio Shapura

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