New balance patch! Several factions receive changes this month!


“Such audacity.”

– Nerat Kirine

Balance changes arrive! The fight for the Imperium continues, but those fighting it begin to feel the toil and strain of years of constant fighting. Enemies adapt to tactics, vehicles begin to suffer the effects of battle damage, and the daemons of the warp begin to find their influence countered in the material realm.

9 factions receive balance changes this month, from the forces of Chaos (including the Ruinstorm), to the Titan Legios and World Eaters. These aim to curtail some of the most successful warlords and decks in the meta, not only in the latest weeks but also those that have consistently reached the top ranks for many months now.

Saul Niborran: Change ability to ‘(2) Draw an Infantry from your deck. It costs 2 less’

Outraged Noble: Increase ability cost from 0 to 1
Preacher of Doom: Change description to ‘Cultist. When a friendly Infantry dies during your turn, create a random Cultist in your hand’
Khazdrak: Change description to ‘When another troop dies during your turn, give +1/0 to all your troops. Maintenance 2’

Flensing Talons (mutation): Lower attack buff from +3/0 to +2/0
Molten blood (mutation): Change description to: ‘Gains “Rage: Deal 1 damage to two random enemies”‘
Malign Presence: Increase cost from 2 to 3 and change description to ‘Reflection: Give a Mutation and 0/+1 to a friendly Daemon’

Mount Deathfire: Increase cost from 5 to 6
Devotion: Change description to ‘Give +1/+1 to your troops. If you don’t control any, put in play a Sorkar Hunters’

Power Claw: Lower attack from 4 to 3

Nuntio Dolores: Change ability to ‘Stun a random non-Warlord enemy’
Power Claw: Lower attack from 4 to 3

Nerat Kirine: Change ability to ‘(2) Deal 1 damage. If target dies, copy a card from the enemy deck’
Cadmus Tyro: Lower stats from 7/6 to 7/5. Lower Survivor from 5 to 3

Sairkh Land Speeder: Change description from Fast to Flank
Sweeping Advance: Increase cost from 2 to 3
Charge Forward: Increase cost from 1 to 2

Warp Portal: Increase cost from 2 to 3, and ability now lowers cost by 3 instead of 2

These changes are now live! Log in and let us know your thoughts!

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