New contenders reach for the top of the Meta Report!


“And here I was, expecting a challenge.”

The end of February sees the rise of bright new stars in the rankings! A new Warlord has taken the title, so it’s time to take a look at the numbers from last month’s competitive season and check how the rankings in High Terra (rating 3800+) and Low Terra (rating 2500-3800) have evolved. 

During this season, it’s important to note that Lotara’s win rate data comes from a small sample which includes the brief time she wrecked through the rankings on her release. Her Use Rate and Win Rate have been trending down since the balance update last week.

Low Terra

Vheren Ashurhaddon leads the True Sons to victory on low Terra, followed by Sevatar, who was toppled from his last month’s 1st place. Dupain claims glory in the Warmaster’s name in third place, in front of two Primarchs. Mortarion and Alpharius bide their time at the end of the top 5, waiting for the next chance to claim the top spots.

Outside of the highest rankings, Lotara was a force to be reckoned with but has started to fall off. Luther has also returned the Defenders of Caliban into the spotlight, and others like Kargos have reminded all that apothecaries also know how to inflict wounds, not only how to treat them.

# Warlord Win Rate Use Rate
1 Vheren Ashurhaddon 63% 4.4%
2 Sevatar 60% 4.4%
3 Balthazzar Dupain 55% 4.0%
4 Mortarion 57% 3.7%
5 Alpharius 53% 3.4%
6 Angron 56% 3.1%
7 Jaghatai Khan 59% 3.0%
8 Kroeger 56% 2.9%
9 Tacitus Proctor 59% 2.8%
10 Aloceri 55% 2.7%
11 Lea Rayne 57% 2.4%
12 Lion El’Jonson 55% 2.0%
13 Horus 58% 1.9%
14 Cor’bax Utterblight 56% 1.8%
15 Luther 60% 1.8%
16 Kaeria Casryn 59% 1.8%
17 Konrad Curze 58% 1.7%
18 Gabriel Santar 57% 1.6%
19 Exodus 55% 1.6%
20 Lotara Sarrin 75% 1.6%
21 Champion Dornax 51% 1.5%
22 Perturabo 53% 1.4%
23 Fulgrim 52% 1.4%
24 Ferrus Manus 56% 1.2%
25 Tybalt Marr 59% 1.2%
26 Calas Typhon 58% 1.2%
27 Arascid Nassau 55% 1.1%
28 Sanguinius 49% 1.1%
29 Kor Phaeron 50% 1.0%
30 Kargos 59% 1.0%

High Terra

Ashurhaddon’s victory extends to High Terra, where he claims the top spot by a sizable margin! Angron is reminded why nobody runs from the Conqueror after being kept away from 2nd place by his Flag-Captain, Lotara Sarrin. Lea maintains her last season’s successes, while Sevatar drops to 5th place this season.

Lotara’s introduction warped the end of this season, but beyond the top positions, many Warlords managed to keep their positions against the new menace. The Chaos Spawn still managed a great Win Rate, while the Dark Angels led by Lion El’Jonson and Farith Redloss seem to have found their footing after their recent balance update.

# Warlord Win Rate Use Rate
1 Vheren Ashurhaddon 62% 15.8%
2 Lotara Sarrin 67% 11.2%
3 Angron 53% 5.3%
4 Lea Rayne 57% 4.5%
5 Sevatar 53% 4.5%
6 Jaghatai Khan 53% 3.7%
7 Konrad Curze 52% 2.7%
8 Mortarion 47% 2.7%
9 Alpharius 52% 2.4%
10 Questoris Makabius 56% 2.3%
11 Arascid Nassau 54% 2.1%
12 Lion El’Jonson 55% 2.1%
13 Balthazzar Dupain 44% 1.9%
14 Kroeger 55% 1.7%
15 Kaeria Casryn 48% 1.6%
16 Iota 51% 1.4%
17 Numeon 52% 1.4%
18 Aloceri 47% 1.3%
19 Gabriel Santar 45% 1.2%
20 Jenetia Krole 46% 1.1%
21 Fulgrim 43% 1.1%
22 Tacitus Proctor 52% 1.0%
23 Chaos Spawn 56% 1.0%
24 Farith Redloss 56% 1.0%
25 Corswain 53% 1.0%

Will Vheren’s successes continue in the new season? Will Lotara be toppled from her commanding position? A new competitive season is already live! Hone your deck-building skills and put your deck to the test on the battlefield. For glory!

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