Lucius takes Terra by storm in February’s meta report


February has ended, a new Warmaster has taken the title and there’s a new competitive season on the go! As usual at the end of a season, the stats are in. It’s time to take a look at the numbers from last month’s competitive season and check how the rankings in High Terra (rating 3800+) and Low Terra (rating 2500-3800) have evolved. 

I have longed far too much for a good fight.



Low Terra

Lucius, the master swordsman, hacks and slashes his way into first place after his recent balance patch. In second place, Sevatar of the Night Lords climbs further, knocking Corax down to third place. The Warmaster himself climbs fifteen spots to take fourth, while Luther holds steady at fifth, above Camba-Diaz who experienced a fall from grace to sixth. 

Raum and Tarvitz hold spots in the top ten, at seventh and eighth, while Valdor ascends over fifty spots to clutch nineth, knocking Curze down to tenth. For the first time in months, we see Tybalt Marr and Shabran Darr make their way into the top twenty. The Emperor’s Children continue to dominate total usage at Low Terra, trailed by the Night Lords and Raven Guard.

  Warlord Win Rate Use Rate
1 Lucius 57% 5.5%
2 Sevatar 56% 4.1%
3 Corvus Corax 57% 3.9%
4 Horus 58% 3.3%
5 Luther 57% 3.2%
6 Camba-Diaz 57% 3.1%
7 Raum 55% 3.0%
8 Tarvitz 55% 2.8%
9 Constantin Valdor 51% 2.5%
10 Konrad Curze 55% 2.5%
11 Fulgrim 55% 2.5%
12 Santar 56% 2.4%
13 Roboute Guilliman 56% 2.1%
14 Khârn 57% 1.8%
15 Exodus 51% 1.8%
16 Raldoron 55% 1.7%
17 Nykona Sharrowkyn 55% 1.6%
18 Tybalt Marr 55% 1.5%
19 Leman Russ 56% 1.5%
20 Shabran 51% 1.4%
21 Nomus Rhy’tan 61% 1.3%
22 Marius Gage 53% 1.3%
23 Kroeger 54% 1.3%
24 Malcador 53% 1.2%
25 Nerat Kirine 53% 1.2%
26 Vettranio Shapura 53% 1.1%


High Terra

Following the trend of Low Terra, the same four Warlords take the top spots. Corax leaps over Nomus Rhy’tan and Scoria to take first, while Horus, Lucius and Sevatar take second, third and fourth respectively. Tarvitz drops a position to hold fifth, while Rhy’tan keeps his spot in the top ten at sixth.

Two newcomers to the top ten are Nerat Kirine and Perturabo, climbing fourteen and sixteen places respectively, to seventh and eighth. Sharrowkyn drops out of the top five down to ninth, while Raldoron climbs to hold tenth. A surprising inclusion in the top twenty comes from the Agent of the Sigillite, Iota, who locks down twelfth position, and Malcharion who dislodges the Lion from the top fifteen.

  Warlord Win Rate Use Rate
1 Corvus Corax 59% 12.3%
2 Horus 57% 11.5%
3 Lucius 57% 7.0%
4 Sevatar 53% 5.5%
5 Tarvitz 51% 4.3%
6 Nomus Rhy’tan 58% 3.7%
7 Nerat Kirine 56% 3.4%
8 Perturabo 49% 2.2%
9 Nykona Sharrowkyn 58% 2.2%
10 Raldoron 57% 2.1%
11 Fulgrim 56% 1.9%
12 Iota 61% 1.8%
13 Konrad Curze 50% 1.7%
14 Exodus 54% 1.7%
15 Malcharion 47% 1.6%
16 Lion El’Jonson 62% 1.6%
17 Raum 50% 1.6%
18 Kroeger 56% 1.5%
19 Luther 57% 1.5%
20 Camba-Diaz 56% 1.5%
21 Questoris Ærthegn 65% 1.4%
22 Tylos Rubio 54% 1.3%
23 Santar 53% 1.3%
24 Vettranio Shapura 49% 1.2%

An interesting shake up in both Low and High Terra, with some Warlords seldom seen rising to the challenge, and taking a swing at the top spots. Will Corax be able to strike from the shadows much longer, and will Lucius tire from his headlong rush to claim both top spots? Who will take up the challenge?

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