The fearless defiance of the loyalist Legions: Part 2


One unbreakable shield against the coming darkness, one last blade, forged in defiance of fate.

The Emperor of Mankind

The Shattered Legions take the spotlight, as part of our continuing series reviewing how the different Astartes legions fared towards the end of the Horus Heresy, and how this has been reflected in their new cards in the Galaxy in Flames expansion.

After being almost destroyed at Isstvan V by the combined force of seven traitor Legions, the Raven Guard, Salamanders and Iron Hands nevertheless endured. Their surviving members looked for ways to regroup and rebuild their strength, while constantly harrowing the traitor rearguard and supply lines across many battlefields.

New warlords released for Shattered Legions

Prepare to suffer the pain of the Iron Tenth

Kardozia, Iron Father Dreadnought
The Tenth Legion, Iron Hands

Hailing from the death world of Medusa, the Iron Hands were named aptly for the metal wreathed arms of their Primarch, Ferrus Manus. Intent on bettering themselves via any means necessary, mechanical augmentation was common within the Legion. Arguably the hardest hit of the Loyalist Legions present at Isstvan, suffering the loss of their Primarch, the Iron Hands were leaderless and scattered. Through time, they healed and regrouped under leaders such as Shadrak Meduson, Ulrach Branthan or Iron Father Kardozia, and begun to join Raven Guard forces in raids against the traitors, often supplying heavy assault vehicles to bolster their forces, a trait they specialized in above all other Legions.

With much of their battlefield prowess being focused on their armoured might, it is no surprise the Iron Hand mission is focused on attacking with their vehicles, and the reward makes them even more durable, surviving blows that would otherwise destroy them.

Iron Father Kardozia, a new warlord with a strong focus on Iron Hands vehicles, as well as new additions to their armouries take the Iron Hands vehicles to the forefront in this wave of the expansion.

The Lord of Drakes burns within us.

Nomus Rhy’tan, Keeper of the Keys
The Eighteenth Legion, Salamanders

Marching from the volcanic death world of Nocturne and guided by the tenants of the Promethean Cult, as laid down by the Primarch, Vulkan, and his Voices of Fire, the Salamanders went to war for the good of humanity across the galaxy, intent on causing as little collateral damage as possible.

Thought to have lost Vulkan during the Drop Site Massacre, the Salamanders were, like the Raven Guard and Iron Hands, leaderless and scattered. Regrouping on Nocturne and Macragge under Nomus Rhy’tan and Artellus Numeon respectively, both experienced trials and tribulations, before consolidating on their home-world to repel a Death Guard invasion force.

Nomus Rhy'Tan

Known for their close cooperation with Imperial Army units, the Salamander’s mission revolves around the core aspect of this bond. Achieving it will give them a mighty boost to both Salamanders and other allied troops.

Leading these reinforcements come the new collectable warlord Nomus Rhy’Tan, the Voice of Fire, as well as powerful troops like the Firedrake Terminators, fresh from the haze of Mount Deathfire, and the devout Disciples of the Flame, all eager to lay their volcanic rage upon the traitors who had dared to ruin the Imperial Dream.

We will punish those who endangered the Raven Guard.

Gherith Arendi, Commander of the Black Guard
The Nineteenth Legion, Raven Guard

From the former slave world of Deliverance, Corax and the Raven Guard strike out at xenos empires and fallen colonies as masters of stealth, hit and run, and sabotage. Quickly earning a name for themselves as premier assassins and guerilla fighters, they were in high demand during the Crusade.

Then, there was the Drop Site Massacre. A pitched battle the Raven Guard were poorly suited to fight. Escaping with a fraction of their former strength, the XIX Legion fell back to recover their numbers, and soon was engaging on a potent hit and run campaign against Horus’ supply lines and strategic targets, waging the type of war they were made for.

This type of targeted warfare is represented by the new cards released as part of Wave Three of the Galaxy in Flames expansion, with new ways to sentence their highest priority enemies, and a mission that rewards them for doing so. When completed, the enemy’s defeat is inevitable as the vengeance of the Raven Lord stalks ever closer.

Gherith Arendi, Master of the Black Guard, joins as a new collectable warlord to lead the XIX Legion in battle. Will you channel the fury of the betrayed, and let loose upon the traitors with the new Raven Guard forces?

We must reap vengeance from the seeds of betrayal.

Kardozia, Iron Father Dreadnought

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