Legions clash in the first wave of the new expansion


“We have changed. Adapted to a new reality”

– Caipha Morarg

Terra becomes witness to the crimson storm of war once again as reinforcements join the warring Legions. Will you support the Warmaster in his conquest or will you command those loyal to the Emperor against Horus?

New cards for six Legions

Reaching Terra was not the end of the Horus Heresy. The struggle in the Imperium’s capital intensifies by the minute as new forces join the battle every day. Bolster the ranks of your favuorite Legions with the new cards that are joining the collection in the First Wave of the Galaxy in Flames expansion! Broaden your strategic capabilities and refine your deck to achieve victory in the battle that will decide the future of the Imperium. The First Wave of cards of the Galaxy in Flames expansion includes new collectable cards for the following Legions: Sons of Horus, Death Guard, World Eaters, Blood Angels, White Scars, Imperial Fists.

Three new collectable Warlords

In command of the traitor Legions, three new Warlords join the collection as part of the First Wave of the expansion to raze Terra to the ground:

  • Tybalt Marr: Captain of the Sons of Horus 18th Company, The Lone Wolf.
  • Caipha Morarg: Third highest-ranking leader of the Death Guard during the Siege of Terra.
  • Dreagher: Accomplished captain and warrior, indirectly responsible for the World Eaters Legion’s name.

How to collect the new cards

You can collect the First Wave cards in several ways:

  • Each reward crate in the ‘Breaching the Walls’ event has at least 1 First Wave card.
  • ‘Galaxy in Flames I’ crates in the shop have at least 3 cards from this First Wave
  • A constructed deck in the shop, with Tybalt Marr as warlord and the legendary Chosen of the Four mission card. Any duplicates you receive are converted into gems.
  • Cards for sale with gems in the Daily Shop.
  • VIP subscribers will find 1 guaranteed First Wave card in their Daily Mission crate during the ‘Breaching the Walls’ event.

New event: ‘Breaching the Walls’

The first event of the Galaxy in Flames expansion introduces the new Warlords and cards in one of the crudest battles of the Siege of Terra. Terra’s defences are falling! The relentless attacks of the traitors have opened multiple breaches in the walls of Terra. The loyalists must band together if they hope to withhold this new threat. Will you become one of Terra’s defenders, or will you bolster the ranks of the traitor invaders?

What’s next?

A new campaign starts tomorrow! Join Caipha Morarg and the traitor Death Guard as they spread the influence of Nurgle across the Imperial Capital in: The Blighting of Terra. Test the Death Guard’s newfound powers in a new single-player campaign!

Three more batches of cards await to be released for this expansion. Two weeks from now, on December 10th, six more Astartes Legions will count with reinforcements to their collection. Later on December 24th the remaining six Legions will open their gifts of battle to become either the hope or the bane of the Imperium. Finally, on January 7th, 20 new neutral cards will join the collection to reinforce every faction in the game and the expansion’s crates will become available in the shop.

But that’s not all! As usual, the expansion will receive further content via the event system as we take a look into the Siege of Terra and the many battles that got us there, including new warlords for the Legions that don’t receive one as part of the initial expansion set. Get ready to bolster your lines and reinforce your deck!

The Galaxy in Flames expansion has started, and the First Wave is now live. Take your favourite Legion to a new height and discover the new stratagems available to you!

The Horus Heresy: Legions is available on Steam, iOS and Android.

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