The final reinforcements arrive in the fourth wave


How do you rank in the chain of command?

Saul Niborran, Imperial Army General

While the bloodiest of fighting was done by the Legiones Astartes, the bulk of the war was waged by the Imperial Army, Mechanicum and traitor elements. Millions fought against once comrades, while allied forge worlds tore each other apart, and Chaos cults sprung up on hundreds of loyalist worlds. 

The Imperial Army, Mechanicum and Chaos receive new cards!

For the more human elements of the loyalist and traitor forces, the war continued as it ever did. Countless Imperial Army contingents were sent to numerous warzones to fight for either Horus or the Emperor. The Mechanicum was decisively split in twain, with half following the original teachings of the Omnissiah and staying loyal to the Emperor and new Fabricator-General, while the other half turned to embrace the warp and techno-heresy, employing forbidden sciences to bolster their forces. Chaos cults and daemons manifested with more liberty than ever before, as where discord and ruin went, the forces of the Archenemy were never too far behind.

Twenty new cards are added for the neutral factions to bolster either their own decks or be added to Legions as a way of supporting the Astartes’ own wars.

How to collect the new cards

Complement your deck and complete your collection with the new cards from the fourth wave. There are multiple ways to collect them:

  • Galaxy in Flames crates in the shop have 5 cards from the expansion, with at least 1 being rare or better.
  • A constructed deck in the shop, with Thaddeus Fayle as warlord and the new Sork legendary card. Any duplicates you receive are converted into gems.
  • Cards for sale with gems in the Daily Shop and Veteran Shop.

New event: ‘Safeguarding Eternity’

The traitors advance towards the Eternity Gate Spaceport. Hosts of World Eaters charge, imbued by Khorne’s bloodthirst, as Terra’s defenders prepare to make their last stand before them. The Eternity Wall must not fall!

Test the new neutral cards for the first time in the new event, Safeguarding Eternity. Will you join the carnage as the traitor invaders or as the loyalists in the wall’s forlorn defence?


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