The Night Lords, Iron Warriors and Alpha Legion join the Traitors in a new major expansion


“Night falls. The hunt begins.”

– Konrad Cuze

The ‘Hidden Dagger’ expansion begins on 24th November

The traitors have broken the loyalist blockade and the Warmaster’s plans are in full swing! As the light dies and the shadows grow larger, three traitor Legions enter the fray with renewed zeal, ready to raze everything in the Warmaster’s path. The Age of Darkness has begun.

Prepare to lead some of the most devastating Legions to take part during the Horus Heresy when this massive content expansion comes to the game 24th November! It is brother against brother, Space Marine versus Space Marine. Which side will you choose?

The dying of the light: three Legions join the traitors

After razing three loyalist Legions on Isstvan V, the Warmaster’s fleet set course to devastate a Galaxy that was caught unprepared. Dealing with a coordinated attack at such a scale overwhelmed even the Imperium’s mightiest heroes, most of whom Horus had sent away in preparation for his revolt.

The Night Lords, Iron Warriors and Alpha Legion tore the Imperium asunder, launching devastating assaults against key strategic points. All three of these Legions will join the battlefields of Warhammer Horus Heresy: Legions, now completely renewed under the Warmaster’s leadership. Read on to discover when you can expect each of them to release, and what’s coming with this expansion.

When are the new cards coming?

The ‘Hidden Dagger’ expansion will begin on 24th November with the release of the Night Lords, boasting a fully redesigned collection starring fresh new characters, troops and tactics! The new cards are ready to sow the seeds of terror, commanded into the battlefield by the darkest legends of the Legion. Konrad Curze leads the hunt as the faction’s Legendary Warlord, but you will have to stay tuned to learn which other two heroes will join their Primarch at the command of Nostramo’s grim warriors.

After the Night Lords come out of the dark on 24th November, the remaining Legions will join them on the battlefield in bi-weekly releases. The Iron Warriors will make their cannons roar again on 8th December, while the Alpha Legion will unveil their ploy on 22nd December. The last big batch of content will come on 5th January with new neutral cards to support all the game’s factions.

There are yet more surprises awaiting you in the shadows. Stay tuned, and dare step into the darkest battles of the Horus Heresy when ‘Hidden Dagger’ begins on 24th November!

The Horus Heresy: Legions is available on Steam, iOS and Android.

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