Introducing the Battle Pass


“You stand against the might of the Mournival.”

– Horus Aximand

The Shadow of the Warmaster expansion has been the largest update to the game since its release, bringing into the game over 200 exciting new cards, system revamps and new features. One of the largest changes coming with the expansion has been the update and adaptation of the progression system into a new Battle Pass feature freely available to all players. But how exactly does it work?

What is the Battle Pass?

The Battle Pass in Warhammer The Horus Heresy: Legions is the new way players will earn the rewards and prizes that were previously available through missions and challenges. Every month, a new Battle Pass will be available in the game, each offering a unique Reward Track through which players can advance to get new cards, in-game currency, cosmetics, etc. The way players advance through the reward track is by completing in-game missions, which reward a certain amount of Battle Pass points. After players get enough points, they will earn a new Battle Pass level and a new reward.

With this new system, we aim to achieve several goals:

  • Increase the variety of missions to complete each day.
  • Allow players more control over their goals, by letting them replace some missions.
  • Streamline the different rewards mechanics, to make them easier to learn.
  • Provide a new medium-term goal with a clear progression system and exclusive cosmetic rewards.
  • Increase the visibility of players’ ability to choose their “Preferred Faction” for rewards.

With the “Preferred Faction” feature available in the Battle Pass panel, players have a lot of agency in the cards they earn as Battle Pass rewards. Selecting a Preferred Faction guarantees ALL card rewards are from that faction. The selected faction can be changed at any time without any cost, so feel free to experiment with all the available ones!

How do I get the Battle Pass?

Whether you are a new player or a veteran one you will not be able to see the Battle Pass at first, but don’t worry, unlocking it is very quick and simple. To unlock the Battle Pass you will first need to complete the Starter Pass, which consists of a series of small missions teaching you the basics of the game, such as changing cards in your deck, editing your profile or entering a match.

Advancing through the stater pass will get you some fantastic rewards too, including many cards and cosmetics to kickstart your collection. Most importantly, you will be able to unlock two full decks for FREE containing many cards from the new Shadow of the Warmaster expansion, perfect for both fresh recruits and rugged veterans. After you complete the Starter Pass you will unlock the Battle Pass of the current month, and gain access to a new array of Daily and Season Missions to advance through the new reward track!

How do Missions work?

Every day, players will get access to different missions throughout the day. Every mission has a different objective to fulfil during battles, and when completed will award players with points to advance through the reward track of their Battle Pass. These are the different types of missions that all players will have access to:

  • Daily Missions: Players get access to 4 daily missions each day, which award a varying quantity of Battle Pass points depending on the Mission’s difficulty. Two of these missions are always to “Play 5 games” and “Win 3 games” – these can only be completed in constructed formats (Ranked, Practice and Legacy), and the second one not only grants Battle Pass points but also rewards players by making the next entrance to the Event free. The last two daily missions may have a range of different objectives, and can be replaced for a small cost any number of times.
  • Seasonal Missions: These themed Missions will become available in batches throughout the whole duration of the Battle Pass. These missions award players with larger amounts of Battle Pass points, and can be completed at each player’s own pace as long as the Battle Pass is active.
  • Weekly Challenge: After completing a Daily or Seasonal Mission, a player will get a point of progression in the Weekly Challenge. When a player reaches each of the Weekly Challenge milestones, they will receive an increasing amount of Battle Pass points as a reward, depending on the milestone they have reached. This challenge resets weekly, so make sure to complete it to get to most out of it!

Do I need to pay to get the Battle Pass?

Each battle pass consists of two different reward tracks. The Free reward track is available to all players AT NO COST, no purchase of any type is required. All of the prizes from the Free reward track of the Battle Pass will be available for any player who reaches that Battle Pass level during the time it’s available. Every Battle Pass will have a duration of approximately one month. When it ends, it will stop being available and open the way for a new Battle Pass to enter the game.

The Free reward track of the Battle Pass contains fantastic rewards for all players. They include cards, gold, event tickets, themed cosmetics and, most importantly, an exclusive Card Back for players who reach the end of the Free reward track! Every month the reward track will offer different exclusive items, make sure to check it out!

What is the Premium Pass?

Players who want to get the most out of their Battle Pass have the option to purchase the Premium Pass. Besides many other perks, getting the Premium Pass unlocks an ADDITIONAL reward track, which will grant extra rewards when players reach a certain level of the Battle Pass. This also works retroactively so if a player has reached, for example, level 25 in their Battle Pass and then purchase the Premium Pass, they will immediately gain access to the additional Premium track rewards for the previous 25 levels.

Among the additional rewards available in the Premium track, you will find exclusive Premium Avatars, as well as guaranteed legendary cards from your Preferred Faction and, for those who reach the end of the Battle Pass, a coveted and exclusive Alternate Art!

The Premium Pass also contains a number of additional perks. Anyone with the Premium Pass will maintain their Veteran Status for the duration of that Battle Pass, granting them access to an additional card shop tab. Also, Premium Pass holders will get one additional mission every day, perfect for unlocking rewards faster!

How do I use Alternate Arts?

For a long time, we have been offering Alternate Arts of many iconic characters from the Horus Heresy in a diversity of time-limited deals. These cosmetics are a fantastic way to show your love for a particular character or give your deck a thematic spin! Since the update, the way to use an Alternate Art for a Warlord has changed slightly. Now, if you have unlocked the alternate art for a Warlord, you can go to the detailed view of that Warlord during deck construction to decide which version you want to use. Give it a try when you unlock Aximand’s alternate art through the Premium Pass!

The new Battle Pass system is now live and available to everyone for free! Log into the game, select your favourite faction and complete all the missions to get your rewards!

The Horus Heresy: Legions is available on Steam, iOS and Android.

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