The new Iron Warriors put the ‘Siege’ back in ‘Siege of Terra’


“Let’s make the blood flow at once.”

– Kroeger, Warsmith

It’s no wonder that the Iron Warriors were a key piece in Horus’ strategy for the moment to conquer Terra arrived. The sons of Perturabo were experts in Siege warfare, being able to find and exploit the weaknesses of their opponent’s defences. Now, as their moment to shine comes, they find a new way to use their existing arsenal in battle in an attempt to subvert the enemy’s expectations. Check out the reforged Iron Warriors card list!

To enable these changes and prepare for the upcoming content in the 2nd wave of the Galaxy in Flames expansion, update 2.0.9 has just been released, with several improvements and bug fixes. Check out all the details!


  • New visual effects and animations in battle and throughout several menus
  • Related cards are now also visible in battle, for cards in hand and in the actions log
  • Increase number of deck slots by 12
  • Fixed a few bugs when showing related cards in the Collection
  • Fixed links on chat to make it harder to click on them involuntarily
  • Fixed visual issues when a card returned to hand (eg. Path of Blood)

Iron Warriors

  • Forrix: Changed description to “The Breaker. (2) Siege: Put in play a Bunker”
  • The Breaker: New special card for Forrix, with cost 4 and description “Load the Siege ability of all friendly units”
  • Olympian Recruits: Changed ability to “(1) Load the Siege ability of a friendly unit”
  • Malbon Squad: Increased cost from 4 to 5, and changed stats from 5/3 to 5/5
  • Promodon: Lowered cost from 5 to 4, changed stats from 6/4 to 4/4, and gained “(1) Siege: Gain +3/+3”
  • Aulus Scaramanca: Changed description to “When you put in play a Vehicle with Siege, load it. (0) Draw a Vehicle”
  • Ancient Hrend: Changed description to “Rally: Destroy an enemy troop with Front Line or Stun another enemy”
  • Land Raider 23-2: Changed description to “(1) Siege: Give +2/+2 to all your troops in play and in hand”
  • Attrition Warfare: Changed description to “Load the Siege ability of a friendly unit. Draw a card”
  • Olympia: Changed description to “Choose an Iron Warriors Astartes and put it in your hand. It costs 2 less”
  • Logos: Attack buff now applies to all Iron Warriors troops, instead of Vehicles and Structures
  • Price of Victory: Lowered cost from 8 to 7

These balance changes are live now! Have a taste of them in-game as you get ready for the new wave of cards joining the collection tomorrow!

The Horus Heresy: Legions is available on Steam, iOS and Android.

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