January season meta report


The year starts strong with one of the most competitive ranked seasons as of yet! There is no place for overconfidence in the first season of 2021, for just a moment of laxity would let any challenger dethrone the standing champion. Let’s take a look at how things have turned out in the monthly roundup of High Terra (3800+) and Low Terra (2500-3800)! Find out how your favourite Warlords and Legions have performed in this month of galactic warfare!

“Being underestimated is one of my greatest weapons.”

Perturabo, Primarch

The battle for the first spots is cruder than ever, but the recent updates have started to shake up the ranks a bit and curtailed the Knights’ dominance. Most factions have been represented in this month’s top spots, making it a fairly diverse season and also bringing some surprises to the table. Let’s take a look at the stats!

Low Terra

Between 2500 and 3800 rating, the top ten Warlords are mostly the same from last month’s. Almost all of them have moved up or down the rankings, but managed to stay in the top spots. Vulkan takes the first place, dethroning last month’s champion of Low Terra, his brother Leman Russ. The Primarch of the Space Wolves now stands in the 4th spot, just behind Nerat Kirine and Konrad Curze. He must not get complacent though, for Raum stalks him in the rankings.

The lower spots of the top ten are not at all far from the higher ones, and are mostly dominated by non-Primarch Warlords. Angron takes the 6th spot, but is very closely followed by Zahariel and Cor’bax Utterblight. Corswain and Raldoron close up the top ten, awaiting for another chance next season to climb in the rankings. But it won’t be easy, since powerful warriors like Shabran Darr, Saul Tarvitz and Ferrus Manus follow them ready to strike.

Win Rate
Use Rate 
Vulkan 54% 3,9%
Nerat Kirine 54% 3,8%
Konrad Curze 55% 3,3%
Leman Russ 55% 3,2%
Raum 56% 3,1%
Angron 54% 3,0%
Zahariel 56% 2,9%
Cor’bax Utterblight 55% 2,8%
Corswain 55% 2,7%
Raldoron 56% 2,6%
Shabran Darr 55% 2,5%
Saul Tarvitz 52% 2,3%
Ferrus Manus 47% 2,3%
Alpharius 50% 2,3%
Corvus Corax 55% 2,2%
Perturabo 55% 2,2%
Sanguinius 53% 2,2%
Cerastus Orhlacc 50% 2,2%
Khârn 53% 2,0%
Magnus the Red 54% 1,9%
Lorgar 46% 1,9%
Ulrach Branthan 56% 1,8%
Mortarion 55% 1,8%
Lucretia Elunnirai 52% 1,7%
Ka’Bandha 55% 1,7%
Constantin Valdor 55% 1,6%
Santar 48% 1,6%
Lion El’Jonson 47% 1,6%
Exodus 55% 1,5%
Ahriman 54% 1,5%
Fulgrim 52% 1,4%
Zardu Layak 54% 1,3%
Roboute Guilliman 52% 1,3%
Flaymaster Mawdrym 55% 1,2%
Lord Cypher 51% 1,1%
Colonel Ornatov 53% 1,0%
Amadeus DuCaine 48% 1,0%

High Terra

The Cerastus Orhlacc that reigned all over last month’s rankings has been beaten. A very confident Perturabo takes the first spot, showing everyone he’s not to be disregarded. Corswain and Shabran Darr go up the ranks quite a bit compared to Low Terra, occupying the second and third spots. A couple of Primarchs, Angron and Vulkan, await patiently in the fourth and fifth spots respectively at their next chance to overtake their brother.

Leading the lower spots of High Terra we see other familiar names from Low Terra in Kirine and Leman Russ. In a surprising turn of events, Exodus appears out of nowhere to claim the eight spot, but investigations are still ongoing to determine if it was really him. Magnus the Red and the Cerastus Orhlacc close up the top ten of High Terra, leaving Lucretia and Corax just out of it. 

Win Rate
Use Rate
Perturabo 57% 6,5%
Corswain 58% 5,7%
Shabran Darr 54% 5,0%
Angron 52% 4,6%
Vulkan 57% 4,3%
Nerat Kirine 57% 4,2%
Leman Russ 54% 4,2%
Exodus 58% 4,0%
Magnus the Red 58% 3,9%
Cerastus Orhlacc 56% 3,4%
Lucretia Elunnirai 58% 3,3%
Corvus Corax 54% 3,1%
Khârn 55% 2,9%
Ahriman 58% 2,9%
Acastus Orhlacc 62% 2,8%
Ulrach Branthan 60% 2,8%
Raum 48% 2,1%
Mortarion 54% 2,0%
Thaddeus Fayle 52% 1,9%
Zahariel 55% 1,8%
Sanguinius 54% 1,7%
Saul Tarvitz 50% 1,7%
Cerastus Makabius 68% 1,5%
Alpharius 51% 1,5%
Fulgrim 52% 1,3%
Konrad Curze 48% 1,3%
Raldoron 52% 1,0%
Sevatar 48% 1,0%
Horus 46% 1,0%

The year has only started. January marks but the first chance at the title of Warmaster, which means there’s still plenty of opportunities to claim it! Many great warriors lurk outside the top ten in the rankings. Who do you think will take the first spots next month? Will Thaddeus Fayle jump into the top 10 of High Terra?

Get ready for the new competitive season! Lead a new faction to the thick of war and take your enemy by surprise! Good luck on the battlefield.