New balance patch! The Dark Angels lead the charge once more!


Let the lesson continue.

Farith Redloss

Balance changes arrive! The path to Terra is both bloody and arduous, and the Dark Angels need all the strength they can muster to reinforce their loyal brothers on the walls of the Imperial Palace. Ancient technologies and deadly weaponry are unveiled by the Dreadwing, boosting the First Legion’s prodigious firepower. The Dark Angels receive several balance changes in order to bring them closer to other factions in ranked, and unranked play. Several neutral Warlords receive changes, as well as Amit being tweaked, and Knights and Titans also being slightly rebalanced.


Farith Redloss: Gains a Special Card – ‘Dreadwing Commander
Dreadwing Commander: (3) Give +2/0 to all Dark Angels troops in your hand
Aloceri: Change ability so that it doesn’t give Flank to troops that already have it
Knights Cenobium: Change description to ‘Deathwing. Quest: Give +2/+2 to your Astartes in play, hand and deck’
Deathwing Companions: Increase stats from 7/8 to 8/8, and change Quest ability so that they also receive buff themselves
Arquitor Bombard: Gain Ordnance 4
Knight-Champion: Change description to ‘Quest: Lower the cost of all troops in your hand by 2’ (instead of only Astartes)
Phalanx Elite: Decrease the cost of ability from 2 to 1
Idravain Mors: Increase stats from 3/3 to 3/4
Sergeant Belian: Increase stats from 2/2 to 2/3
Lexicon of Glory: Change description to: ‘Deal 4 damage to an enemy or heal 4 to a friendly unit’
Paladin of Glory: Decrease the cost from 4 to 3 and decrease the Survivor from 2 to 1


Saul Niborran: Increase ability cost from 1 to 2, and it now lowers the cost of troop drawn by 2
Callidus Assassin: Increase Health from 30 to 35, and change the pool of available warlords for her ability


Myrmidon Destructor: Add ‘Ordnance 2’ to ability


Nassir Amit: Decrease damage from ability to 2 from 3


Battlecannon: Lower cost and damage dealt from 3 to 2
Ion-Gauntlet Shield: Increase Health from 8 to 12, and lower Plasma cost from 2 to 1
All Melee Weapons: Increase Health from 10 to 12


Suzerain Destructor: Decrease main target damage from 8 to 6 and splash damage from 4 to 3

These changes are now live! Log in and let us know your thoughts!

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