July season meta report


July’s season has ended and the stats are in! Check back here monthly for the post-season roundup of High Terra (4000+) and Low Terra (2500-4000), and find out how your favourite warlord and Legion fared in the galactic struggle for the future of the Imperium and humanity!

My heart swells with pride to fight you.

Sanguinius, Primarch of the Blood Angels

This season has been one of the most diverse in a while, with more than 10 warlords accounting for 50% of appearances in High Terra, compared to just 5 last season. The introduction of Counterattack cards and changes to Ka’Bandha seem to have opened an opportunity for slower warlords to climb up in the ranks. Ka’Bandha is still a very popular choice, but it hasn’t been such an overwhelming presence this season. 

Low Terra

In all of Terra, the lower strata has seen the most diverse meta, with no warlord appearing in more than 9% of the games. As a side note, only two warlords from the top 10 come from the same faction. Ka’Bandha and Angron keep the highest spots as the try to earn Khorne’s favour, but there are some new challengers in the top 10.

Ferrus Manus comes in really strong, taking up the 3rd spot, followed by his brother Perturabo, who manages to take the 8th spot. Rounding up the slower newcomers, Tacitus Proctor keeps a steady pace, slowly gaining ranks with a very respectable win rate.

Win Rate
Angron 54% 8,2%
Ka’Bandha 54% 6,7%
Ferrus Manus 49% 5,6%
Konrad Curze 53% 4,3%
Tacitus Proctor 60% 3,4%
Sanguinius 54% 3,7%
Raum 53% 3,6%
Perturabo 58% 3,1%
Cor’bax Utterblight 60% 2,8%
Vulkan 58% 2,9%
Ulrach Branthan 58% 2,3%
Jaghatai Khan 50% 2,6%
Leman Russ 57% 2,3%
Nerat Kirine 57% 2,1%
Alpharius 52% 2,1%
Tarvitz 54% 1,8%
Raldoron 57% 1,6%
Arascid Nassau 53% 1,7%
Nykona Sharrowkyn 58% 1,5%
Mortarion 56% 1,7%
Flaymaster Mawdrym 56% 1,4%
Fulgrim 54% 1,7%
Kyriss 56% 1,4%
Khârn 54% 1,5%
Horus 51% 1,5%
Qin Xa 52% 1,3%
Corvus Corax 51% 1,2%
Sevatar 52% 1,2%
Magnus the Red 55% 1,1%
Roboute Guilliman 57% 1,0%
Narik Dreygur 51% 1,0%

High Terra

The meta of High Terra shares some of the tendencies we see in Low Terra, with slower warlords taking up higher spots in the ranks. Raum falls from grace as Magnus the Red, Vulkan and Perturabo rise up through the ranks and take their stance in the top 10.

The Orphans of War also make a big comeback, with Ulrach Branthan taking the 8th spot and Nerat Kirine challenging the Primarchs from the 5th spot. 

Win Rate
Ka’Bandha 54% 9,1%
Angron 53% 6,9%
Sanguinius 50% 6,0%
Vulkan 56% 5,1%
Nerat Kirine 54% 4,1%
Magnus the Red 52% 4,1%
Perturabo 55% 4,1%
Ulrach Branthan 59% 3,4%
Jaghatai Khan 49% 3,5%
Tacitus Proctor 54% 3,1%
Raum 51% 2,8%
Qin Xa 56% 2,4%
Samus 58% 2,2%
Nykona Sharrowkyn 56% 2,2%
Cor’bax Utterblight 54% 2,1%
Arascid Nassau 49% 2,2%
Roboute Guilliman 54% 2,0%
Sixx 55% 1,7%
Fulgrim 47% 2,2%
Leman Russ 50% 1,8%
Ferrus Manus 46% 2,0%
Horus 46% 2,0%
Khârn 55% 1,8%
Mortarion 57% 2,0%
Konrad Curze 53% 1,7%
Alpharius 52% 1,4%
Corvus Corax 56% 1,2%
Zardu Layak 51% 1,1%
Exodus 55% 1,0%
Ornatov 56% 0,9%
Flaymaster Mawdrym 46% 1,1%

Counterattack data

The introduction of Counterattack cards seems to have created a far more diverse meta. Looking at the stats from previous months, we can see many more Medium and Low initiative warlords taking up higher spots in the ranking and more warlords being more commonly played.

A closer inspection into win rates shows that the first player advantage has vastly decreased. The most significant improvements would be for some of the most played warlords. Ka’Bandha has seen its win rate decreased from 69% to 56% when going first. Sanguinius and Angron show a very similar pattern, taking their win rates from 60% to 52% and from 59% to 49% respectively.

The battle doesn’t end here, for the August season is already taking place! Are you going to switch gears this season, or will you stick to tried and true tactics? Good luck on the battlefield!

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