The Faultless Blade retains his top spot in July’s ranked season!


Give me your tears and blood.

Nerat Kirine

July has ended, a new Warmaster has taken the title and there’s a new competitive season on the go! As usual at the end of a season, the stats are in. It’s time to take a look at the numbers from last month’s competitive season and check how the rankings in High Terra (rating 3800+) and Low Terra (rating 2500-3800) have evolved. 

Nerat Kirine

Low Terra

The Perfect Swordsman, Lucius of the Emperor’s Children, retains his top spot this month, fighting off competition from all sides. Taking 2nd spot is Nerat Kirine, stealing and plundering his way up from 12th, reinforced by the Orphans of War’s new reinforcements and mission. Equally bolstered by the Titandeath expansion is Cor’Bax Utterblight, with his first showing for many months, as he claims 3rd position. Corax and Raum round off the top 5 with minor changes in their positions from last month.

Holding 6th is Tarvitz, defeated from trying to take the number 1 spot from his brother last month, followed closely by Santar who claws up a couple of spots. Kharn enters the top 10 once more from 14th last month, with Guilliman dropping out of the top 5 to hold 9th, and Malcador appearing out of nowhere to round off the 10th position. Two notable movements are both Sevatar and Curze dropping out of the top 10 to both 11th and 12th respectively, as well as Luther taking a tumble as well. Ulrach Branthan makes a good showing for the first time in many months by taking the 15th spot. 

  Warlord Win Rate Use Rate
1 Lucius 59% 4.4%
2 Nerat Kirine 56% 3.4%
3 Cor’bax Utterblight 56% 2.9%
4 Corvus Corax 58% 2.7%
5 Raum 59% 2.5%
6 Tarvitz 57% 2.2%
7 Santar 58% 2.2%
8 Khârn 58% 2.2%
9 Roboute Guilliman 56% 2.1%
10 Malcador 49% 2.1%
11 Sevatar 55% 2.1%
12 Konrad Curze 55% 2.0%
13 Luther 59% 2.0%
14 Horus 57% 1.9%
15 Ulrach Branthan 57% 1.8%
16 Marius Gage 57% 1.8%
17 Sigismund 59% 1.8%
18 Exodus 52% 1.7%
19 Constantin Valdor 52% 1.5%
20 Nuntio Dolores 65% 1.5%
21 Fulgrim 57% 1.5%
22 Tybalt Marr 53% 1.5%
23 Kaeria Casryn 57% 1.4%
24 Angron 52% 1.3%
25 Camba-Diaz 58% 1.3%
26 Ka’Bandha 57% 1.2%
27 Tylos Rubio 52% 1.2%
28 Raldoron 54% 1.2%
29 Kroeger 55% 1.2%
30 Leman Russ 58% 1.2%
31 Red Angel 50% 1.1%
32 Sabris Regnum 59% 1.1%
33 Geigor Fell-Hand 58% 1.1%
34 Nykona Sharrowkyn 56% 1.0%

High Terra

Lucius once again holds the top spot at High Terra, and incredible feat on its own, for a 2nd month running. With a use rate of nearly 14%, and a potent win rate to boot, he seems to be the dominant Warlord. Speaking of warlords, Nuntio Dolores batters Sabris Regnum down to take 2nd spot, with the familiar Nerat Kirine claiming 3rd. Corax takes a hit down to 4th place, with Kharn also dropping to 5th as newer Warlords try to shake up the meta.

Fresh from the Garden of Nurgle comes Cor’Bax Utterblight, appearing once again for the first time in several months in the top 10 of High Terra, dislodging Guilliman down to 19th position. Sigismund takes a hit down to 7th position, with the ever-present Raum claiming 8th. Sharrowkyn reappears at 9th position after dropping off entirely last month, with Branthan making a better showing in High Terra by rounding off the 10th spot. Both Marius Gage and Luther take some of the biggest hits this month, dropping well below the 20th position from their former 15th+ positions over the last several months.

  Warlord Win Rate Use Rate
1 Lucius 60% 14.8%
2 Nuntio Dolores 67% 8.0%
3 Nerat Kirine 56% 5.9%
4 Corvus Corax 54% 4.4%
5 Khârn 55% 4.2%
6 Cor’bax Utterblight 52% 3.9%
7 Sigismund 58% 3.4%
8 Raum 47% 2.3%
9 Nykona Sharrowkyn 52% 1.9%
10 Ulrach Branthan 52% 1.8%
11 Horus 50% 1.8%
12 Nomus Rhy’tan 60% 1.7%
13 Santar 49% 1.6%
14 Aurem Castigator 61% 1.6%
15 Kaeria Casryn 53% 1.5%
16 Kroeger 51% 1.3%
17 Malcador 49% 1.3%
18 Angron 48% 1.3%
19 Roboute Guilliman 50% 1.2%
20 Tarvitz 52% 1.2%
21 Lucretia Elunnirai 51% 1.2%
22 Marius Gage 55% 1.1%
23 Ahriman 54% 1.0%
24 Exodus 53% 1.0%
25 Tylos Rubio 51% 1.0%

Can Lucius be allowed to continue his dominance of Terra? Will the Faultless Blade ever tire, or will a new opponent find a way to beat him? We’re already seeing both Orphans of War and Ruinstorm taking full advantage of their new Titandeath expansion cards to challenge the meta, but who will defeat the perfect swordsman and claim top spot next month? 

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