Rally the Headhunters of Cthonia in July’s balance update!


“May you find solace in your imminent defeat.”

– Balthazzar Dupain

June proved to be a season in which the new content introduced during the Shadow of the Warmaster expansion began to stabilize. This painted a clearer picture of the Legions and Warlords that had either fallen out of favour in the ranks or never quite had a chance to enter them.

July’s balance update mostly focuses on giving a push to a selection of armies that have not been all that represented in the later meta reports, and characters that would at times feel awkward to play with. Take a look at the complete list of changes below:

● Balthazar
Dupain: Changed passive ability to “Give +1/+1 to Imperial Army Infantry troops you put in play” (instead of only Traitor Auxilia troops)
Veletaris Sergeant: Increased health from 2 to 3
Vox Operator: Changed ability to “Choose a Traitor Auxilia Infantry and add it to your hand. It costs 0”

Jaghatai Khan: Removed ‘Starts with 1E less’
Tsolmon Khan: Changed description to “Rally: Choose a Sisters of Silence Infantry and add it to your hand. It costs 3 less”
Selmegh Hawk’s Eye: Gained Flank
Tempestuous Orders: Lowered cost from 1 to 0
Targutai’s Sacrifice: Your Warlord now takes 1 damage per enemy troop return to their deck instead of 2

Praetorian Recruit: Lowered ability cost from 2 to 1
Assault Echelon: Increased Bastion from 2 to 4
Shield Charge: Increased cost to 2 and changed description to: “Give Bastion 2 to a friendly unit. It deals damage equal to its Bastion to a random enemy”
Stone Gauntlet: Increased cost to 4 and changed description to: “Give Bastion 1 to all friendly units. Each of them deals damage equal to its Bastion to a random enemy”
Defender of Terra: Changed description to: “Put 3 Sentry Turrets and 2 Phalanx Warders in play. Give Bastion 2 to all friendly units”

Ancient Rubellus: Changed damage from Backlash to 1-2 from 2
Praetor Belgot: Changed Backlash to give only 0/+1 instead of 0/+2
Moritat Vitas Phorgal: Changed description to: “Poisonous 3. Backlash: Give Poisonous 1 to your other troops” (instead of giving Poisonous 2)
Succumb to Decay: Increased the cost to 6

These changes are already in the game, and a new competitive season is live! Conquer the battlefields to claim your rightful place as this month’s Warmaster!

The Horus Heresy: Legions is available on Steam, iOS and Android.

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