The Warhawk soars high in July’s meta


“Let us see how you keep up with this!”

– Jaghatai Khan

July has ended, a new Warmaster has taken the title and there’s a new competitive season on the go! As usual at the end of a season, the stats are in. It’s time to take a look at the numbers from last month’s competitive season and check how the rankings in High Terra (rating 3800+) and Low Terra (rating 2500-3800) have evolved. Will the new Iron Hands have been able to make a dent in the leaderboard during their short competitive career?

Low Terra

After his recent balance change, Jaghatai Khan soars to claim first place for the first time ever with an intense assault. Balthazzar Dupain secured an impressive second place, while Kargos asserted his dominance in third. Angron, still a formidable force, drops slightly to the fourth spot, while Mortarion maintains a solid presence in fifth place decorating his armour with more battle damage.

As honourable mentions, many other Warlords outside the top positions have been able to thrive this month. Alexis Polus and Sevatar, for example, have managed to attain a fantastic 59% and 58% win rate respectively. Luther has also seen great success during this season, achieving an overwhelming 62% win rate during July.

# Warlord Win Rate Use Rate
1 Jaghatai Khan 61% 10.5%
2 Balthazzar Dupain 58% 9.2%
3 Kargos  57% 4.1%
4 Angron 58% 4.1%
5 Mortarion 57% 3.8%
6 Horus 53% 2.6%
7 Calas Typhon 54% 2.4%
8 Konrad Curze 56% 2.0%
9 Cor’bax Utterblight 54% 1.8%
10 Exodus 52% 1.7%
11 Flaymaster Mawdrym 57% 1.5%
12 Camba-Diaz 59% 1.5%
13 Sevatar 58% 1.5%
14 Gabriel Santar (Dropsite Massacre) 52% 1.5%
15 Gabriel Santar 56% 1.4%
16 Luther 62% 1.4%
17 Tybalt Marr 57% 1.3%
18 Rogal Dorn 51% 1.2%
19 Kroeger 54% 1.1%
20 Alexis Polux 59% 1.1%
21 Fulgrim 54% 1.1%
22 Sanguinius 52% 1.1%
23 Ka’Bandha 56% 1.0%
24 Sota-Nul 50% 1.0%

High Terra

The upper echelons of Terra see the emergence of familiar names. Khan continues his triumph in the first position, displaying remarkable prowess. Angorn retains a strong hold on second place drowning in blood. Mortarion makes a notable leap into the third position, demonstrating his unshakable determination. Just below, Blathazzar Dupain remains a force to be reckoned with and Gabriel Santar, a new contender from the new Iron Hands, has surged to the fifth position with a remarkable performance.

In the rest of the list, we see other commanders who have consistently achieved victory during the month. Sanakht and Iota have been able to snatch many victories in this season, achieving promising results with a 60% and 58% win rate respectively. In a more worrying development, the Sabris Regnum has reached a monstrous 74% win rate, which we will keep an eye on in case we need to send it back to the Forge Yards.

# Warlord Win Rate Use Rate
1 Jaghatai Khan 57% 16.8%
2 Angron (Shadow of the Warmaster) 58% 12.9%
3 Mortarion (Shadow of the Warmaster) 53% 5.6%
4 Balthazzar Dupain 56% 4.5%
5 Gabriel Santar (DM) 52% 3.8%
6 Camba-Diaz 58% 3.5%
7 Saul Niborran 53% 3.0%
8 Kargos (Shadow of the Warmaster) 53% 2.9%
9 Flaymaster Mawdrym 56% 2.4%
10 Alexis Polux 59% 2.2%
11 Horus (Shadow of the Warmaster) 49% 1.9%
12 Marius Vairosean 57% 1.9%
13 Sabris Regnum 74% 1.7%
14 Sanakht 60% 1.6%
15 Calas Typhon (Shadow of the Warmaster) 51% 1.4%
16 Magnus the Red 52% 1.4%
17 Questoris Makabius 52% 1.4%
18 Exodus 48% 1.3%
19 Iota 58% 1.3%
20 Ferrus Manus (DM) 48% 1.2%
21 Konrad Curze 49% 1.2%
22 Ka’Bandha 56% 1.1%
23 Ulrach Branthan 46% 1.0%
24 Malcharion 49% 1.0%

Will the Khan hold the top positions as new threats appear on the battlefield? Can the Iron Hands and the Salamanders grasp the top spots of the ladder? A new competitive season is already live! Get ready to lead your armies to glorious victory in a new month of galactic warfare. Good luck on the battlefield, commander!

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