June meta report


This week saw the end of June’s competitive season. With a new Warmaster having earned the title, we can now look at the numbers! The stats are in, so let’s take a look at how the heroes of the Horus Heresy have behaved in the monthly roundup of High Terra (3800+) and Low Terra (2500-3800). Find out how your favourite Warlords and Legions have performed during this month of warfare and conquest!

“Let’s see who will be remembered.”

– Perturabo, Primarch

This is the first season where the neutral cards from the Siege of Terra expansion were available to play with, so let’s take a closer look at how the ranks have changed at the end of this season.

Low Terra

Perturabo defies expectations and stays on top of Low Terra’s rankings for another month, showing that he is not to be underestimated. He can’t be complacent though, for he is followed very closely by his brother Angron, who has risen to the second spot. Khârn follows his Primarch’s in the third spot, followed by Sanguinius and Rogal Dorn, who have taken a huge leap in the rankings since last month. 

Leman Russ leads the charge in the second half of the top 10, followed by Jenetia Krole, who in spite of her high win rate doesn’t feature as highly as in High Terra. Konrad Curze and Raum follow the Knight-Commander of the Silent Sisterhood, taking the very contested eighth and ninth spots respectively. Closing Low Terra’s top 10, Shabran Darr becomes the third World Eaters warlord to be featured in the first 10 spots, leaving Corswain and Raldoron out of the spotlight this month.

Win Rate
Use Rate
1 Perturabo 57% 4,8%
2 Angron 53% 4,7%
3 Khârn 55% 4,5%
4 Sanguinius 52% 3,4%
5 Rogal Dorn 53% 3,1%
6 Leman Russ 56% 3,1%
7 Jenetia Krole 58% 2,8%
8 Konrad Curze 52% 2,7%
9 Raum 56% 2,6%
10 Shabran Darr 53% 2,2%
11 Corswain 56% 2,1%
12 Raldoron 55% 2,1%
13 Corvus Corax 54% 2,0%
14 Alpharius 53% 1,9%
15 Vulkan 57% 1,8%
16 Merir Astelan 57% 1,7%
17 Sigismund 54% 1,7%
18 Lord Cypher 55% 1,7%
19 Lucretia Elunnirai 54% 1,6%
20 Ornatov 56% 1,6%
21 Magnus the Red 52% 1,6%
22 Ka’Bandha 56% 1,6%
23 Iota 53% 1,6%
24 Exodus 56% 1,5%
25 Tarvitz 54% 1,5%
26 Mortarion 52% 1,3%
27 Lorgar 52% 1,3%
28 Cor’bax Utterblight 55% 1,3%
29 Alexis Polux 49% 1,2%
30 Constantin Valdor 55% 1,1%
31 Nerat Kirine 55% 1,1%
32 Garro 50% 1,1%
33 Horus 55% 1,1%
34 Zahariel 59% 1,0%
35 Ahriman 56% 1,0%

High Terra

Jenetia crowns herself again as queen of High Terra with a staggering use and win rate. The Silent Sisterhood delivered a heavy strike after their arrival, but their force might see a diminishment in the following weeks. Beneath Jenetia, Iota rises to the second spot in the rankings, followed by Magnus, who has climbed the ranks intensely during this month. Closing the first half of the Top 10, we see Khârn once again, and Lucretia takes another big leap in High Terra, becoming the only neutral Warlord to feature in the Top 10 this month.

Rogal Dorn stands in the 6th spot, immediately followed by his eternal rival, Perturabo. Both Primarch brothers are very close in their win and use rate, but Perturabo will have to wait another month to try to take the upper hand. The Acastus Ærthegn takes the eighth spot, followed by Ahriman and a fellow knight from the same house in a Cerastus armour closing the Top 10 of High Terra. 

Win Rate
Use Rate
1 Jenetia Krole 60% 17,7%
2 Iota 58% 6,3%
3 Magnus the Red 56% 5,1%
4 Khârn 56% 4,3%
5 Lucretia Elunnirai 58% 4,0%
6 Rogal Dorn 48% 3,9%
7 Perturabo 51% 3,7%
8 Acastus Ærthegn 65% 3,1%
9 Ahriman 56% 2,8%
10 Cerastus Ærthegn 58% 2,7%
11 Lord Cypher 54% 2,2%
12 Raum 50% 2,0%
13 Konrad Curze 45% 1,8%
14 Angron 48% 1,7%
15 Shabran Darr 52% 1,6%
16 Corvus Corax 53% 1,4%
17 Exodus 52% 1,3%
18 Leman Russ 53% 1,2%
19 Sanguinius 46% 1,1%
20 Garro 55% 1,1%
21 Ulrach Branthan 48% 1,1%
22 Corswain 45% 1,1%
23 Arascid Nassau 52% 1,0%
24 Vulkan 52% 1,0%
25 Ornatov 49% 1,0%

July’s season has already started. Dare to try new warlords and tactics! Take a new Legion to the thick of war, make use of the new neutral cards that were added this expansion and fight for the title of Warmaster! Good luck on the battlefield.

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