Lucius reaches for perfection in June’s ranked season!


Do you really think you can beat me?


June has ended, a new Warmaster has taken the title and there’s a new competitive season on the go! As usual at the end of a season, the stats are in. It’s time to take a look at the numbers from last month’s competitive season and check how the rankings in High Terra (rating 3800+) and Low Terra (rating 2500-3800) have evolved. 

Low Terra

Continuing his rise to the number one spot, Lucius demonstrates to both Sevatar and Sigismund who is the superior swordsman! Sevatar loses his spot to Lucius’ one time friend, Tarvitz, while Sigismund drops to 13th and is replaced by Corax in third place, who bounces back to the top ranks after his drop last season. Guilliman climbs 10 places to 4th, with Sevatar rounding out the top 5.

Curze trails behind his favoured son at 6th, with Raum dropping to 7th and Luther holding the 8th spot. Santar batters his way into the top 10 by clinching 9th, and Exodus manages to infiltrate into 10th spot, up from 15th. Notable mentions should go to Nerat Kirine who climbs 15 spots to 12th, and Nuntio Dolores, the newly released Warlord Titan from the Traitor Legios, which blasts its way to the 15th spot at Low Terra.

  Warlord Win Rate Use Rate
1 Lucius 61% 3.7%
2 Tarvitz 57% 2.9%
3 Corvus Corax 60% 2.9%
4 Roboute Guilliman 55% 2.9%
5 Sevatar 57% 2.7%
6 Konrad Curze 55% 2.6%
7 Raum 59% 2.6%
8 Luther 60% 2.3%
9 Santar 54% 2.3%
10 Exodus 52% 2.2%
11 Marius Gage 60% 2.1%
12 Nerat Kirine 58% 2.0%
13 Sigismund 61% 1.9%
14 Khârn 59% 1.8%
15 Nuntio Dolores 66% 1.7%
16 Leman Russ 57% 1.7%
17 Fulgrim 56% 1.7%
18 Camba-Diaz 60% 1.7%
19 Raldoron 57% 1.6%
20 Alpharius 51% 1.5%
21 Merir Astelan 58% 1.5%
22 Horus 60% 1.5%
23 Ohthere Wyrdmake 53% 1.4%
24 Geigor Fell-Hand 56% 1.4%
25 Kroeger 53% 1.4%
26 Vulkan 55% 1.4%
27 Constantin Valdor 54% 1.3%
28 Shabran 52% 1.3%
29 Malcador 55% 1.3%
30 Kaeria Casryn 57% 1.3%
31 Tylos Rubio 53% 1.2%
32 Sabris Regnum 60% 1.1%
33 Jangsai Khan 57% 1.1%

High Terra

Once more, the perfect swordsman takes the top spot with an immense 13.9% use rate, up from 2nd last month. Will Lucius be able to retain his primacy at both levels of Terra? Sabris Regnum, Warlord of the Loyalist Legions, makes its first appearance at 2nd spot, with a respectable win and use rate. Corax once again makes it back into the top 5 at 3rd, with Khârn making a comeback from 12th to 4th, perhaps as a powerful counter to the Titans. Sigismund drops to 5th position, although with a higher win rate than last season, while retaining a similar use rate.

Guilliman takes the 6th spot, with the Ultramarines’ way of war acting as a potent counter to the Titan’s wide board presence, with Marius Gage making his first showing in High Terra in many seasons. The Dies Irae guns into 8th spot with a mighty 70% win rate, however the more recent balance patch may have already blunted its dominance towards the end of the month. Raum and Tarvitz both drop from the top 5 and round out the top 10. Aurem Castigator and Nuntio Dolores both make appearances at 11th and 12th, with Ohthere Wyrdmake making a surprise showing at 16th, up over 40 spots from last month.


  Warlord Win Rate Use Rate
1 Lucius 60% 13.9%
2 Sabris Regnum 61% 5.0%
3 Corvus Corax 54% 4.8%
4 Khârn 56% 4.5%
5 Sigismund 60% 3.6%
6 Roboute Guilliman 49% 2.9%
7 Marius Gage 53% 2.7%
8 Dies Irae 70% 2.3%
9 Raum 53% 2.3%
10 Tarvitz 53% 2.3%
11 Aurem Castigator 62% 2.2%
12 Nuntio Dolores 65% 2.2%
13 Luther 52% 1.9%
14 Questoris Ærthegn 54% 1.8%
15 Santar 52% 1.6%
16 Ohthere Wyrdmake 46% 1.6%
17 Nerat Kirine 48% 1.5%
18 Vulkan 49% 1.5%
19 Horus 47% 1.5%
20 Exodus 49% 1.4%
21 Kaeria Casryn 53% 1.3%
22 Domine Ex Venari 55% 1.3%
23 Cassian Vaughn 66% 1.3%
24 Nomus Rhy’tan 54% 1.3%
25 Arascid Nassau 43% 1.2%
26 Geigor Fell-Hand 48% 1.1%
27 Raldoron 50% 1.1%
28 Lorgar 40% 1.1%
29 Konrad Curze 46% 1.0%
30 Jangsai Khan 52% 1.0%
31 Rogal Dorn 41% 1.0%

Lucius has continued his fight to master the meta, and who will be able to beat his martial skill? With the Loyalist and Traitor Legios settling in to the ladder, perhaps the new cards for the third wave factions may give a boost needed to bring down the perfect swordsman? With the last wave of the Titandeath expansion still to be released on the 15th July, there is still plenty of time for new decks to be crafted! 

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