Become the Old Wolf and carve your own saga in a new Battle Pass


“Ha! No proper battle ends without new scars.”

– Bulveye Greybeard

There is no denying the might of a fenrisian warrior, but few can be counted who understand this better than the new Warlord joining the game through this month’s Battle Pass: Bulveye Greybeard. Companion of Leman Russ since before the Emperor visited Fenris, and Jarl of the 13th Company ever since, Bulveye carries one of the greatest and most long-lived legacies in the Space Wolves Legion, and yet his Saga has but begun.

Complete the regular reward track and collect the new Warlord or lead your Space Wolves deck to glory right now by purchasing the Premium Pass! Bulveye Greybeard will later appear in Space Wolves and Inferno crates, as well as in-game shops and rewards, but this is your chance to collect him early.

The Old Wolf

Bulveye became Jarl of the 13th Great Company during the times of the Great Crusade. Since then, he proved his ferocity and duress in uncountable battles, including one of the darkest conflicts of the Horus Heresy: the Burning of Prospero.

It was none other than Bulveye who, at the end of said battle, led the Space Wolves in a seemingly unending journey through the warp, pursuing any surviving member of the Thousand Sons. The hunt had only started.

How to unlock Bulveye Greybeard

Bulveye Greybeard, Jarl of the 13th Great Company, will be available as a reward in BOTH tracks of this month’s battle pass. The regular Reward Track features Bulveye as its ultimate reward. Complete daily and seasonal missions to reap many bounties in your mission to recruit him, including in-game currency rewards, cards for your selected Preferred Army and new cosmetics!

Get the most out of your Battle Pass by purchasing the Premium Pass! The Premium Pass unlocks an ADDITIONAL REWARD TRACK, featuring Bulveye Greybeard as its very first reward, allowing you to play with him immediately! The Premium Reward Track also includes other high-value rewards, such as Legendary Cards for your selected Preferred Army and exclusive cosmetics, including a new themed card back!

Upgrade your battle pass for exclusive perks

A Premium Pass lasts until the end of your account’s active reward track at the moment of purchase. Owners of a Premium Pass will have access to the following perks:

  • ADDITIONAL reward track, including amazing rewards such as Bulveye GreybeardLegendary cards and exclusive cosmetics!
  • Guaranteed Veteran Status for the duration of the Battle Pass
  • One additional mission every day

Purchasing the Premium Pass also retroactively unlocks the rewards from the previous levels so if a player has reached, for example, level 25 in their Battle Pass and then purchases the Premium Pass, they will immediately gain access to the additional Premium track rewards for the previous 25 levels.

After this Battle Pass ends, Bulveye Greybeard will also start featuring in in-game shops and have a chance at appearing inside Inferno and Space Wolves crates. Get ready to muster the wolves of Fenris! For Russ and the Allfather!

The Horus Heresy: Legions is available on Steam, iOS and Android.

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